“Is cutting down trees the reason?” Experts respond to a report about a bad omen for the world emanating from Egypt : Nasser Hatem “Is cutting down trees the reason?” Experts respond to a report about a bad omen for the world emanating from Egypt : Nasser Hatem

“Is cutting down trees the reason?” Experts respond to a report about a bad omen for the world emanating from Egypt : Nasser Hatem

“Is cutting down trees the reason?” Experts respond to a report about a bad omen for the world emanating from Egypt : Nasser Hatem
Egyptian experts responded to a Bloomberg report about meteorologists in Egypt feeling concerned about this summer being more harsh than last year, and causing devastation in daily life.

Gamal Abdel Halim, a specialist in weather and climate sciences, said in an interview with RT that weather maps and long-term forecasts indicate the possibility that Egypt will be affected by normal summer weather, not just extreme, in the month of June, when temperatures were significantly higher than their normal levels.

Abdel Halim continued: “While forecasts for July 2024 indicate that the temperature will be around its normal levels, with a slight increase in the governorates of southern Upper Egypt, with high levels of surface humidity in the north of the country, Cairo, and even northern Upper Egypt, which in turn works to increase the feeling of the weather’s heat with the dominance of the India Low.” "Seasonal."

The Egyptian expert specializing in weather sciences noted that forecasts for August 2024 indicate that it may be better in terms of temperatures, as temperatures remain around their normal levels, with a slight increase above average in the regions of South Upper Egypt and South Sinai.

He pointed out that the most prominent and influential phenomenon on Egypt's climate during the coming summer is the La Nina climate phenomenon that is forming in the central and eastern tropical Pacific Ocean. Its effect is mostly reflected in Egypt, and as is usual in previous years, the summer temperature is around its average. The only problem is the high humidity levels. Surface area in the north of the country.

He also stressed that one of the results of La Nina's climatic effects is the increase in rainfall rates in the tropical headwaters region and the Ethiopian plateau during the summer months, which is considered positive for Egypt, as this increases the flood level of the Nile River, which helps Egypt meet its water needs adequately.

He concluded by saying: “There is no doubt that there is actually an imbalance in rainfall rates and temperatures in different regions around the world, which negatively affects agricultural production and damages many crops, as happened previously in Brazil, Argentina, the United States of America, Australia, and others, with crop damage and a lack of production.” Agriculture will hardly lead to a rise in global food prices.

For his part, advisor to the former Minister of Supply and professor at Cairo University, Dr. Nader Nour El-Din, said that in light of these difficult climatic conditions, everyone in Egypt was surprised by pictures of an unjustified campaign to cut down perennial trees, adding that there is no logical justification for this matter and in a desert country like Egypt, it represents deserts. It contains 93%, and the area of ​​agricultural land does not exceed only 3.5% of its total area. Therefore, it needs every standing tree and should be increased periodically as a green area that does not cost the state any additional water, as these trees have been living since ancient times on nearby groundwater at a depth of one and a half meters in cities and villages. Surrounding agricultural land with an area of ​​3% of the area of ​​Egypt.

He continued: “For many decades, the Egyptians have been keen to plant trees around the sides of canals and drains and in cities built on the Nile River, which creates an area of ​​surface groundwater extending for tens of kilometers on both sides of the river.”

The Egyptian expert noted that responsibility had been lost between the localities and local government agencies and between the Ministries of Agriculture and Irrigation, as the Ministry of Agriculture denied responsibility for the matter and said that the gardens it affiliated with, the most important of which were the Orman and Animal Gardens, had not had any trees cut down in them, and that what was done was traditional annual pruning to remove the old branches that had grown old and replace them. With new, young branches that live long and increase the shade area under the trees. Local communities also denied responsibility for removing trees and green spaces from Merryland Park and replacing them with shops and cafes. Environmental conservation activists posted pictures of them on social media networks, along with the Antoniades and Clock Gardens and others in Alexandria Governorate.

Dr. Nader Nour El-Din, advisor to the former Minister of Supply and professor at Cairo University, confirmed that no government official responded to cutting down street trees in upscale and old neighborhoods so as not to fall under responsibility. It is known that the planet Earth has three lungs that sustain human life, which are the salty waters of the seas and oceans, which absorb huge amounts of carbon dioxide gas, which has reached the point of acidifying its waters due to the gas they absorbed and turning it into carbonic acid that kills fish and erases the bright colors of coral reefs that attract tourism. Then the second lung is for forests and perennial trees, then the third lung is for the ice of the North and South Poles, which is quite far from the location of Egypt.

He noted that: “Therefore, cutting down ancient trees in the streets and public parks deprives Egypt of one of its lungs in its desert climate, and all that is left for it is the waters of the Mediterranean and Red Bahrain, which are closed and small seas with limited capabilities to absorb gaseous emissions. They also do not produce oxygen gas and do not provide shade as in Trees. International organizations to preserve the environment and combat desertification, one of the causes of which is the cutting of trees and deforestation, have prohibited the cutting of trees and obligated countries that need their wood to plant two trees for every tree removed, with the slogan of establishing double forests instead of removing them.

He said in the end, just as the Ministry of Irrigation is responsible for all the canals and drains in Egypt, with a length of 33,000 km for the canals and 20,000 km for the drains, protecting them from all encroachments, it should also be declared that all perennial trees, forests and public gardens belong to the Ministry of Agriculture and not just the localities, provided that review and permission are sought. The Ministry of Agriculture before pruning or cutting down any tree in the streets, canals and villages of Egypt, and after that the Ministry decides the matter and allows it or prevents it completely or prevents the unjust pruning that cuts the entire tree’s trees to the surface of the ground so that it takes many years after that until it reaches its original size. Local government administrations and localities should provide justification for the matter after the overwhelming anger felt by the Egyptian citizen in all governorates of Egypt.


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