Kevin De Bruyne eludes Saudi clubs Kevin De Bruyne eludes Saudi clubs

Kevin De Bruyne eludes Saudi clubs

Kevin De Bruyne eludes Saudi clubs
The French newspaper L'Equipe revealed, in a report today, Saturday, that Belgian star Kevin De Bruyne, Manchester City's playmaker, deceived Saudi clubs wishing to obtain his services.

Kevin De Bruyne (32 years old) has a contract with Manchester City until June 30, 2025.

According to the newspaper "L'équipe", De Bruyne reveals to his family in his private sessions that he wants to stay with Manchester City.

This was in contrast to the statements made by the Belgian star recently, which suggested that he was close to leaving.

De Bruyne said in previous statements, “When I am at this age, I must be open to everything, such as moving to the Saudi League.”

He added: "You are talking about huge sums of money in the final stage of your career. You must think about that. My wife believes that an adventure that deviates from the norm is a good thing, and therefore I must think about my future."

De Bruyne pointed out: “If I play in Saudi Arabia for two years, I will be able to earn an incredible amount. Before that, I had to play for 15 years, and I have not perhaps reached this amount yet.”

L'Equipe newspaper explained that although De Bruyne's contract is nearing its end, the Manchester City club management has not held talks with him regarding a renewal yet.


  1. He's contradicting his recent statements about leaving.

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