Rohingya refugee camp suffering from floods Rohingya refugee camp suffering from floods

Rohingya refugee camp suffering from floods

Rohingya refugee camp suffering from floods

Last week, heavy rains and floods caused landslides across Bangladesh.

According to AFP news, about 1200,000 people have fled to the northern parts of the country on high ground because of the flooding.

In the Rohingya refugee camps in Southeastern Bangladesh's Cox's bazaar district, the Rohingya refugee camps are suffering from similar floods, but the Rohingya have not been able to flee to safety.

Therefore, according to the Bangladesh government, at least nine people died due to floods and landslides, eight of whom were Rohingya.

What we can see now (last Thursday) is that they are preparing to exhume the bodies of a family who drowned in a landslide in a Rohingya refugee camp in Cox's bazar district.

Seven families live in a refugee tent that was submerged by a landslide, and two are not in the tent. Abdul Monef, a Rohingya refugee, said that only one of the five survived and the rest drowned in the mud.

The police officer in the camp said that the rains became very heavy during the night and the ground collapsed in about five places in the refugee camp, causing some sleeping refugees to drown and die.

Every time it rains, the water in the refugee camp floods and the ground collapses. Landslide areas could be covered with tarpaulins, but nobody provided tarpaulins, so I had to buy them with my own money. A Rohingya refugee named Mohammad Ismail said that after the death toll, the authorities are covering the landslide areas with tarpaulins.

Among the approximately one million Rohingya who have fled Myanmar, most of them live in landslide-prone areas between the forests and hills of Cox's Bazar district. They live in small tents made of tarpaulin.

Right now, Rohingya refugees from Bangladesh are not allowed to return to Rakhine State. U Tun Khin of the Burmese Rohingya Association UK (BRO-UK) said that Bangladesh needs to help Rohingya refugees to live comfortably.

"We have requested that the Rohingyas do not suffer from such floods again. To build the Rohingya's tents carefully so that they don't get damaged in the event of a wind storm. For protection. Bangladesh now has financial support from the World Bank. Therefore, both UNHCR and We always call on all countries that are providing assistance to the Rohingya refugees. Due to the current situation in Rakhine State, there is no way for the Rohingyas to return. For this reason, all the Rohingya refugees who escaped from the genocide can live well. We ask that they not be placed in dangerous places. allowing them to go to school; We also ask Bangladesh to allow us to work freely without restricting our travel rights.”

Recently, the government of Bangladesh has approved two projects worth 700 million US dollars with World Bank loans to improve the living conditions of Rohingya refugees and the local people of Bangladesh.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Military Council announced on June 19 that it is working to bring back the Rohingyas who were displaced from Rakhine state as soon as possible according to the bilateral agreements between Myanmar and Bangladesh.


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