Simple tricks to quit smoking in the summer Simple tricks to quit smoking in the summer

Simple tricks to quit smoking in the summer

Simple tricks to quit smoking in the summer

Those trying to quit smoking face an uphill battle during the summer months, as they find more opportunities to smoke a cigarette while enjoying the sun outdoors.

However, some simple lifestyle changes can help curb nicotine cravings.

Expert Vinod Kumar, Head of Digital Marketing at, shares some unexpected tricks people can easily incorporate into their summer schedule to help keep them on track to achieve their quit smoking goals despite the “incredibly tempting” environment.

Tips include:

Summer fruits and vegetables

Replacing habits like smoking with snacks on summer fruits, such as apples, strawberries and raspberries, can “keep your mouth busy and distract you from reaching for a cigarette,” Kumar explained.

Vegetables like carrots, celery and cucumbers can also mimic the habit of smoking when the urge strikes. A study conducted at the University of Buffalo found that people who ate more fruits and vegetables were better able to stay away from smoking for at least 30 days.

iced tea

Cold tea is one of the most refreshing summer drinks that can help stop smoking cravings.

Kumar recommended iced green tea specifically for its health benefits, as the antioxidants and amino acids “help reduce the desire to smoke and can also repair tissues damaged by smoking.”


Kumar says hiking, running and other outdoor activities will not only ensure you get the most out of the summer sunshine and vitamin D while it's available, but they also serve as the "perfect distraction" to replace your smoking habit.

Some studies have found that exercise can also reduce the effects of withdrawal and provide motivation to stay away from smoking.

Meditation and stress relievers

Meditation, yoga, or other stress-relieving activities can be practiced outdoors in local parks to make the most of the summer months while promoting relaxation, mental well-being, mindfulness, and self-control, all of which are essential to overcoming cravings and building the discipline to quit smoking for good.


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