Study: Orange peel may improve heart health Study: Orange peel may improve heart health

Study: Orange peel may improve heart health

Study: Orange peel may improve heart health
A new study, conducted by the University of Florida, shows that orange peels may hold the key to improving cardiovascular health.

The study found that some gut bacteria contribute to the development of cardiovascular disease. When they eat certain nutrients during digestion, gut bacteria produce trimethyl-amine oxide (TMAO), levels of which help predict future cardiovascular disease, according to researchers at the Cleveland Clinic.

Yu Wang and her team studied the potential of orange peel extracts (rich in beneficial phytochemicals) and their role in reducing the production of TMAO and trimethylamine (TMA).

The research team tested two types of extracts: the polar part and the non-polar part.

The results showed that the non-polar orange peel extract effectively inhibited the production of harmful chemicals. The researchers also identified a compound called feruloylputrescin in the extract of the polar part of orange peel, which also significantly inhibits the enzyme responsible for producing TMA.

“This is a new result that highlights the previously unrecognized health potential of feruloylputricin in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease,” Wang said. “These results suggest that orange peels, which are often discarded as waste in the citrus industry, can be repurposed into ingredients.” Valuable for promoting health, as a dietary supplement or food ingredient.”

She continued: “Our research paves the way for the development of functional foods enriched with these bioactive compounds, providing new therapeutic strategies for heart health.”

The results were published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.


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