Symptoms of botulism and first aid Symptoms of botulism and first aid

Symptoms of botulism and first aid

Symptoms of botulism and first aid

Dr. Vladimir Nikiforov, an infectious disease specialist, announced that botulism is an infectious disease caused by toxins from the bacteria Clostridium botulinum.

The doctor indicates that the first symptoms of botulism are blurry and double vision.

He says: "As soon as these symptoms appear, an ambulance must be called to transport the injured person to the hospital. The only thing that can be given to the injured person until the ambulance arrives is to give him a large amount of water if he does not have a problem and weakness in swallowing, and to help him with vomiting."

According to him, in the hospital, the patient's stomach is washed, he is given a disinfectant enema, and after conducting an analysis to determine his tolerance to the foreign protein, he is injected with an anti-botulinum serum that binds to the toxin of the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. If his condition worsens, he undergoes mechanical ventilation of the lungs.

Botulism is a relatively rare but serious disease. The poisoning is usually caused by the consumption of highly active neurotoxins, botulinum toxins, which enter the body when eating foods that have not been properly processed. Or by contamination of the wound with bacteria (wound botulism).


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