Unexpected consequences of mosquito bites Unexpected consequences of mosquito bites

Unexpected consequences of mosquito bites

Unexpected consequences of mosquito bites

Yevgenia Parshina, head of the Department of Allergy and Immunology, announced that mosquito bites are usually associated with scratching, skin swelling and redness. But sometimes the consequences can be more serious.

According to her, there is a conditional division of insect bites and stings according to their severity. The most common type is mild. What is meant here are the reactions familiar to many that are observed at the site of the bite, redness and rash.

There are cases of moderate severity. That is, the bites cause moderate toxic reactions. This can be erythema multiforme (a self-healing condition in which red nodules appear on the skin that can turn into atypical nodules), sepsis (severe inflammation of the skin), etc.
The allergy in this case is characterized by the appearance of blisters on the skin - it can be compared to urticaria. In addition, angioedema may develop in the bite area.

Erythema annulare
One percent of complex cases resulting from a mosquito bite are accompanied by anaphylactic shock, swelling of the mucous membranes, hoarseness associated with swelling of the larynx and vocal folds, a feeling of lack of air, suffocation, disturbance of consciousness and hypotension.

Mosquito bites may cause severe reactions - injury to the nervous system. In this case, symptoms such as paresthesias in the limbs or twitching of the skeletal muscles, and pronounced spasms in the muscles of the arms and legs (especially in the bite site), and in the entire body, appear. These conditions can lead to death, so they should not be ignored and a doctor should be consulted immediately.


  1. Always consult a doctor for severe symptoms.

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