Causes of rash on the face Causes of rash on the face

Causes of rash on the face

Causes of rash on the face

Dermatologist Dr. Taghi Avitova points out that the cause of acne (skin rash) on the face may be lamblia (giradia) or ticks, microscopic parasites that live on the skin.

According to her, the skin reacts to all negative changes in health status, allowing parasites that enter the skin, dermis or body to provoke follicular demodicosis, lice, scabies and other skin diseases.

Giardiasis develops when Giardia enters the intestines and can be predicted by skin reactions: rash, hives, and peeling. Dirty hands, water, food, or household utensils are usually the cause. Parasitic worm infections occur in the same way. In addition to abdominal pain and loss of appetite, parasitic worms are often accompanied by dermatitis.

According to her, lice appear in the form of papules, vesicles and redness at the sites of lice bites, always causing severe itching, and in advanced cases - dermatitis, pathological changes in the skin and even loss of its surface layer. Skin lesions can spread beyond the scalp, to the neck, back and face.

The doctor points out that microscopic Demodex ticks live in the skin of the face of almost all people, and become active when the person's immune system is weakened. Signs of their activity are redness of the cheeks, nose, and rarely the forehead, and the skin becomes dry and rough, with small, white-yellowish follicles clogged with parasites appearing on it. These microscopic parasites can cause a purulent rash to appear on the face.

It is recommended not to self-medicate in this case, but to consult a specialist doctor for treatment.


  1. A specialist must be consulted in case of a problem.

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