Echo of a "flying saucer" crashing on an American farm! Echo of a "flying saucer" crashing on an American farm!

Echo of a "flying saucer" crashing on an American farm!

Echo of a "flying saucer" crashing on an American farm!

Proponents of the idea of ​​intelligent life outside Earth consider the incident of the "UFO" that fell near the city of Roswell in the United States on July 2, 1947, as strong evidence in their favor.

The second half of the twentieth century witnessed a boom in what is known as “unidentified flying objects,” and intelligent beings visiting from distant planets, and monitoring contact with them.

Their numbers increased steadily, and some of them asserted that evidence of the existence of UFOs had existed since ancient times and was recorded in the inscriptions of the Sumerians, Hittites, and ancient Egyptians.

The UFO incident in the American city of Roswell has become a landmark for these people, and over time, large numbers of those who dream of meeting beings from distant outer space have been affected by it, and it remains a puzzling mystery and a source of heated controversy among various circles.

While scientists say that the idea of ​​the existence of extraterrestrial life is indisputable and certain, the real question revolves around the nature and type of such extraterrestrial beings. Supporters of "flying saucers" believe that they exist and are at a technological level that surpasses that of the people of Earth.

Details of the mysterious "Roswell" incident:

On the night of July 2-3, 1947, William Brazil was tending to his ranch in New Mexico, 75 miles north of Roswell, when he heard a loud noise and a flash of lightning. He didn't think much of it, assuming it was just another severe thunderstorm like the night before.

The next morning he mounted his horse and rode into the field. There he saw "unusual fragments which appeared to be metal scattered over a wide area," and a shallow trench extending hundreds of feet.

Among the fragments he found an unknown material resembling flakes, and also rods of a very light material that had not been burned. He noticed that the rods were not affected at all by what he assumed to be an explosion. In addition, he saw glass balls and unknown pieces that were difficult to describe.

William Brazil put everything he found in a jeep and drove to the sheriff's office in Roswell, then decided to turn to the army, went to a local radio station and felt he was in the middle of an exceptional "great" job.

He spoke on the radio about what he had found, and the next day American newspapers came out with sensational headlines about "Flying Saucer Captured on Farm Near Roswell."

Later, a statement was issued by the US Air Force, by order of Colonel William Blanchard, commander of the 509th Combined Air Unit, stating, "Many rumors regarding flying saucers were confirmed yesterday, when the Intelligence Department of the 509th Bomber Regiment, Eighth Air Force, with the assistance of a local farmer and the county sheriff, was able to obtain one of these saucers."

The statement went on to say: "A UFO was allegedly discovered near a farm in Roswell last week. Action was taken immediately, and the saucer was transported from the farm to Roswell Air Force Base, where it underwent an initial inspection, and was then delivered to headquarters by Major Jesse Marcel."

US General Gets Rid of 'Flying Saucer':

The sequel to this exciting story is that Major Jesse Marcel, the intelligence officer of the 509th, delivered the mysterious remains found directly to the office of Brigadier General Roger Remy. There the famous photographs were taken, and the military examined the "UFO debris" lying on the ground. But General Remy was not happy with the large number of journalists.

The general ordered the original press release withdrawn and a new one published, which stated that an error had occurred and that the remains of a weather balloon had been mistaken for UFO debris. Journalists were disappointed, and the Roswell Daily Record wrote incredulously that "General Remy had disposed of the flying saucer."

For decades, UFO enthusiasts have accused the US authorities of covering up the crash of a UFO near Roswell.

The issue came back to life in 1978, when physicist and UFO expert Stanton Friedman met and interviewed the same astronaut, Jesse Marcel.

In that interview, the officer admitted that the official American story that the remains were of a weather balloon was a fake and was put together to hide that the United States had got its hands on an alien spacecraft.

Since 1980, I have written hundreds of books, produced numerous documentaries and reports, and interviewed over 100 people, all of which have confirmed that the remains found in Roswell are not from Earth.

Suspicions did not stop in the following decades, and in 1995 a video clip appeared of an autopsy of a strange creature, and it was said that the body was found at the scene of the mysterious incident.

This was after experts confirmed that the widely circulated video clip was fake. Ray Santilli, who was the first to publish the video, stated in 2006 that the clip was indeed a staged operation but was carried out on the basis of original documents obtained from secret sources!

The appeals and requests of thousands of interested people did not succeed in pushing the American authorities to reveal their documents regarding this incident, and Washington remained insistent that the remains were from a secret balloon within the framework of an American intelligence project, aimed at discovering atmospheric fluctuations resulting from Soviet nuclear tests.

UFO enthusiasts, on the other hand, continue to assert, despite the passage of more than seven decades, that the object that crashed near the American city of Roswell in 1947 was extraterrestrial, and that Washington is concealing the truth of this notable “event.”


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