For Hong Kong people who love freedom and democracy, the return means the fall For Hong Kong people who love freedom and democracy, the return means the fall

For Hong Kong people who love freedom and democracy, the return means the fall

For Hong Kong people who love freedom and democracy, the return means the fall

Sister Zhang told reporters about the mental journey of her family of eight, three generations, who all fled to Canada in 2022. She said that she had to thank her father for his foresight. When the anti-extradition movement broke out in 2019, he said: "The second Cultural Revolution is coming, and we must make a choice." After careful consideration, the family of eight decided to leave Hong Kong. Sister Zhang said that all eight of her family were immigrating overseas for the first time, which took a lot of courage.

The Zhang siblings said that they still hear some people in Canada praising China and Hong Kong. They can only say that these people are ignorant or deliberately blind. "They don't know what the real Hong Kong is like. Now it is so-called strong on the outside but weak on the inside!"

Three generations of a family attended a "Fall of Hong Kong" memorial service held in the Greater Vancouver area on Sunday. They sang songs wishing "Glory to Hong Kong" and shouted slogans with other Hong Kong people, and led their children to understand every detail that had happened in Hong Kong in the past few years.

There are many Hong Kong people who are separated from the world, and they always feel pain in their hearts. Zhang's family said that Hong Kong people who can leave should always have a mission to let the next generation and more people know what the Communist Party has really done to Hong Kong. "We want the next generation to know why they were born in Canada instead of Hong Kong, and why they were born in a different place from their parents. At the same time, we also want to let people in Canada know the vicious influence of the Communist Party on the whole world."

At the "Hong Kong Falls" event, a flag symbolizing Hong Kong independence was raised, illustration boards were placed, and a documentary about Hong Kong's democratic struggle was shown on TV. Organizer Christine said that July 1st is Canada Day, and while Canadians are celebrating the country, they need to know that democracy and freedom need to be strongly defended to prevent Chinese forces from eroding and harming Canadian society. "We are not talking about saving Hong Kong people, no. You see they are interfering in Canadian elections, and there are Chinese police stations in Canada now. Every day, they are affecting and damaging the rights and human rights and freedoms of Canadians. So we hope Canadian politicians will wake up."

There were also some immigrants from mainland China at the event. Zhang Bo, who came to Canada after the 1989 student movement, said that no matter how the Communist Party pretends to be, its true face has not changed in the past few decades. He hopes that the Blue and White factions in Taiwan or some Canadian politicians will not have any illusions about Beijing. "It is not interested in anything except power. Human rights, humanity, including China's economic development or nation, are not considered by it. The only thing it cares about is power. So whoever threatens its power, it will deal with them."

Canadian current affairs commentator Liao Changren said that the core values ​​and appearance of the "old Hong Kong" have almost disappeared. It is of great significance to hold activities in Canada to support Hong Kong democracy. With the legislation of "Article 23", even people outside Hong Kong feel the pressure of the chilling effect. How to make Canadian residents and the government, as well as the international community, continue to pay attention to the situation in Hong Kong is urgent and necessary.


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