The main cause of global warming The main cause of global warming

The main cause of global warming

The main cause of global warming

Roman Vilfand, scientific director of the Meteorological Center, announced that human activity and the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere are the main reason for the warming of the climate.

According to him, natural phenomena, such as El Nino, have nothing to do with it. This means that the Earth's temperature will rise until the end of the century under any scenario.

Vilfand had announced that the El Nino phenomenon was ending and turning into a neutral phase, but its impact on global temperatures would continue.

"The main reason for climate warming is the continued increase in greenhouse gas concentrations, while El Nino and La Nina are natural phenomena, so human influence remains a major cause," he says.

According to him, if we imagine that carbon dioxide stops being emitted into the atmosphere “tomorrow”, then the greenhouse gases accumulated from human activity will not decrease until after 30 years.

“For this very reason, under all scenarios, no matter what humanity does, temperatures will continue to rise until the end of the century,” he says.

It is worth noting that the El Nino phenomenon causes an abnormal increase in the surface temperature of the tropical Pacific Ocean. The peculiarity of the change in the phases of ocean currents is that during the La Nina phenomenon, heat is intensively transferred from the atmosphere to the ocean, and during the El Nino phenomenon, the situation is reversed, that is, the current moves from the ocean to the atmosphere.


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