Who is Keir Starmer, the next Prime Minister of Great Britain? Who is Keir Starmer, the next Prime Minister of Great Britain?

Who is Keir Starmer, the next Prime Minister of Great Britain?

Who is Keir Starmer, the next Prime Minister of Great Britain?

A look into the life of Keir Starmer, who succeeded Rishi Sonic as the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom after the Labor Party's landslide victory in the UK General Election.

In the elections to be held in the United Kingdom on July 4, 2024, the Labor Party  has won a huge victory as expected, after which the leader of the party, Keir Starmer, is going to become the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in place of Rishi Sonak.

Keir Starmer gave his victory speech to applause on Friday morning, saying after the win it was time to perform.

Speaking to supporters in central London early on Friday, he said: 'People across our country will wake up to the news that a burden has finally been lifted from the shoulders of this nation.'

On the other hand, Rishi Sonik has accepted his defeat and congratulated Keir Starmer on his success.

Who is Keir Starmer and how did he manage to give his party such a historic victory?

Keir Starmer is often regarded as having an unsavory personality, but despite this he has brought great success to the Labor Party.

Britain has been ruled by the Conservative Party for the past 14 years, after which it suffered its worst defeat in recent elections.

Starmer's election slogan was 'transformation', and he himself has brought about change, rising from a poor family to higher education, becoming a human rights lawyer, and then a practical politician.

Apart from change, Starmer's main election promises were to restore calm and stability to public life. He said he was determined to give Britain a 'light of hope' after 14 years of chaos under the Conservatives.

61-year-old leader Keir Starmer was born on September 2, 1962 in Southwark, South London. He then grew up in an ordinary house in Oxted, Surrey. His father was a manufacturer of various types of appliances while his mother was a nurse.

He studied at Reigate Grammar School, University of Leeds and Oxford University.

He often says about himself that he does not belong to a rich family. His mother was disabled by an immune system disease. His school fees were paid by the local council until he reached the age of 16 at Reigate Gram School. He was the first member of his family to reach university.

He studied law at Leeds and Oxford and became a barrister in 1987. His special area of ​​interest was human rights laws. He has traveled to the Caribbean and African countries on business and advocated for prisoners facing the death penalty.

In 2008 he was appointed Director of Public Prosecutions, the top post overseeing criminal prosecutions in England and Wales.

The journey to power

He was elected to the British Parliament in 2015 for the North London constituency of Holburn and St Pancras. He served as shadow Brexit minister in former Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn's front-bench team. Meanwhile, he suggested that a second referendum should be considered on leaving the European Union.

After Labor's crushing defeat in the 2019 general election, Carey joined the party leadership race. He won the post in April 2020, succeeding Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the party. In his victory speech, he pledged to lead the Labor Party into a new era with confidence and hope.

Starmer has made it his life's mission to bring the Labor Party back to power, according to news.sky.com. It was a project that met with both praise and criticism. When Prime Minister Rishi Sonik announced elections on July 4, Kiir said, "This is the moment the country needs."

Addressing the nation last week, he said that in the last four years we have transformed the Labor Party and made it once again a party that serves the working people.

Opinion polls indicate that he is likely to be the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom after the general election.

They take a cautious approach to avoid mistakes that could jeopardize their chances of success.

Starmer's strategy for success

In fact, Starmer has been carefully handling this delicate situation long before the six-week election campaign. He has been working for his party's clear lead in the polls for over 18 months. They are busy making the Labor Party a left-leaning moderate party that people can trust. In contrast, the Conservative Party is divisive and takes a very hardline stance on certain issues.

Under Starmer's four years at the helm, he removed his predecessor Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters from influential positions and made the Labor Party's views on economic and national security more moderate.

Steven Fielding, a former professor of political history at the University of Nottingham, says: 'When he became party leader for the first time in 2020, he made it his mission to remove all the negative aspects that would prevent people from voting Labor in 2019. Stopped. As a result, they were able to increase the number of voters.

Ten interesting aspects of Keir Starmer's life that shed light on his character

Working class connection: Starmer grew up in a working class family. His father was a toolmaker and his mother was a nurse. He was the first in his family to go to university. It shows their hard work and determination.
Fighting for human rights: Starmer spent a large part of his legal career working on human rights cases. He fought the case against the death penalty and worked for its abolition in the countries of the West Indies.
Free Legal Advice: As a lawyer Starmer continues to provide free legal advice to poor people.
Impact of Mother's Illness on Politics: Starmer cared for her mother for a long time, who suffered from Still's Syndrome. Due to his mother's serious illness, her organs had to be amputated, but she strictly refused to undergo private treatment. This has had a profound effect on Starmer's politics and he has said that he too would never seek private medical treatment, nor would he ever send his children to private education.

Volunteering during the Corona Pandemic: Starmer volunteered at her local food bank during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Football fans: Starmer is known as a simple living person. He is often seen playing football in his hometown. He is a big fan of Arsenal Football Club and often goes to watch their matches.
Passion for Music: Starmer loves to play the guitar. He told in an interview that he is learning to play the guitar in his spare time.
Environmental Protection: Starmer has made the fight against climate change one of his political priorities. He has pledged to make Britain a green energy hub if he becomes prime minister.
Socialist views: Starmer joined the East Surrey Young Socialist Party as a teenager. In college he helped establish a pamphlet newspaper called 'Socialist Alternative', which aimed to build the economy on socialist principles. In an interview with the great Tony Bean of the left-wing Labor Party, he said that Labor must become a 'united party of the oppressed'.
Anti- Brexit : Starmer opposed Brexit and wanted another referendum after the one in favour. But now his views have changed and he says it is up to future generations to decide how they want to relate to Europe.


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