Israel Continues to Bomb ON Gaza Strip

Israel Continues to Bomb ON Gaza Strip

since May 10, and for the 11th day in a row, the Israeli army has continued to launch violent raids in separate areas of the Gaza Strip, targeting public facilities, civilian homes, government institutions, streets, and sites for the Palestinian resistance.

As of Thursday noon, the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza announced that the number of victims of the violent Israeli raids on the Strip since May 10 has increased to 230, including 65 children, 39 women and 17 elderly, while the number of injuries has reached 1710.

Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the Cabinet Cabinet to meet Thursday evening to discuss ceasefire efforts, according to the Israeli Broadcasting Corporation, amid international and regional talks about the date of the truce within the next 24 hours.

On the other hand, the Palestinian resistance responded by targeting a number of Israeli military bases and other targets, as it announced during the past hours that its missile barrages had targeted the "Sde Taman" Israeli military base near Beersheba, and that the Iron Dome battery near "Nahal Oz" was targeted with heavy mortar shells.

The resistance also announced that its missile barrages had targeted Ashdod, Beersheba, Ashkelon, Kibbutz "Be'eri" and a number of settlements in the Gaza envelope in southern Israel.

The Israeli army launched, on Wednesday / Thursday night, several raids targeting homes, agricultural lands, vehicles and sites of the Palestinian factions in Gaza.

On Thursday morning, Israeli warplanes targeted a house in the Al-Satar Al-Gharbi area in Khan Yunis, without warning, which led to the death of a Palestinian woman and wounding 6 others.

Earlier, the Israeli warplanes targeted an apartment in a multi-storey building in the customs office area, in the city of Khan Yunis (south), leaving a number of injuries.

Warplanes also destroyed a house in the "Japanese Quarter" in Khan Yunis, and another in the "Shabura" area of ​​Rafah (south), without causing casualties.

In Jabalia refugee camp (north), Israeli warplanes bombed "Al-Shuhada" Square in the middle of the camp, with a number of missiles, targeting a residential house in "Tal Al-Zaatar" (east).

The shelling on Jabalia left 9 light injuries and caused significant damage to infrastructure and property.

In Gaza, the Israeli army bombed parts of "Al-Saftawi" Street with a number of missiles, while a warplane targeted a residential building on Al-Jalaa Street in the center of the city, while no injuries were reported.

The aircraft bombed an empty car and two agricultural land plots in the areas of "Sheikh Ajleen" (south) and "Al-Maqousi" (west). The bombing also affected 3 sites of the Palestinian resistance in Rafah, Deir Al-Balah (center), and south of Gaza City.

In the context, the Israeli army announced, on Thursday morning, that it had carried out during the past 24 hours attacks on dozens of "underground" targets belonging to "Hamas" movement in the Gaza Strip.

Army said, "the Israeli army fighters attacked dozens of additional targets underground, as part of the vast operation by the army against the" Hamas in Gaza Strip," referring to the tunnels of the movement.

The army added that Israeli fighters bombed, last night, "a military infrastructure to manage the fighting at the house of Ali Abu Zerqa, the commander in the North Khan Yunis Brigade, sites for producing weapons and a number of missile launch sites above and underground."

In turn, the Israeli army spokesman said that about 70 rockets were launched from the Gaza Strip towards Israel during the last 12 hours.

Since Wednesday evening, the Palestinian factions have launched about 70 rockets towards southern Israel, dropping about 90% of the Iron Dome system, according to what was reported by the newspaper "Yediot Aharonot", according to the Israeli army spokesman Hedy Zilberman.

Last night, warning sirens sounded in the city of Beersheba, the settlement of "Kiryat Malachi", Sderot, and the settlements in the vicinity of Gaza, including "Hatzerim", "Ofkim" and the regional council "Shaar Hanegev" and others.

An Israeli (50 years) was lightly to moderate injured, and a girl was lightly injured while they were running towards shelters in the settlements on the Gaza Strip, according to the official Kan channel.

Yesterday, Wednesday, the Israeli ambulance service (Magen David Adom) announced that 15 Israelis were lightly wounded and another moderately wounded during the stampede and run towards the shelters during the firing of rockets from the Gaza Strip.

Since the outbreak of the current round of escalation on May 10, 12 Israelis have been killed by rockets fired from the Gaza Strip into Israel.

On Thursday, the Israeli aggression on Gaza entered its 11th day, as the number of its victims reached 228 martyrs, including 64 children and 39 women, in addition to more than 1626 wounded, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip.

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