New types of corona virus, what are the facts?

New types of corona virus, what are the facts?

Since December last year, several new strains of the corona virus have emerged, much more contagious than those found in the Chinese city of Wuhan.

The third wave of corona virus has proved to be far more devastating than previous waves. One of the main reasons for this is the new mutations in the corona virus, which are spreading very fast. There are many important questions about these new mutations that are on our minds.

According to American medical expert Dr. Stewart Ray, a mutation in a virus's genes can lead to mutations or new variants. "Geographic distance creates new genetic variants."

Dr. Robert Bollinger, an American expert on various diseases, says that mutations or the emergence of new strains in any virus, including the corona virus, are not uncommon. According to Dr. Bollinger, "All RAA viruses change over time due to evolutionary processes. The rate of mutation, however, may be higher in some viruses than in others. The flu virus, for example, changes very rapidly, which is why doctors recommend new vaccines against the flu every year. ”

Is a new mutation in the corona virus more dangerous?
Many types of corona virus have been reported so far, but the South African and British strains are a cause for concern. This is because both types are more contagious than other mutations.

In addition, with reference to the South African mutation B.1.351 of the corona virus, it has been observed that people who have been vaccinated with the AstraZeneca vaccine have also become more or less ill with this type of disease. South Africans may also be affected by mutations.

A pictorial version of the corona virus released by the US Agency for International Development

Will the vaccine be effective against new variants?
According to experts, laboratory studies have shown that in some cases, despite vaccination, the immune response to new strains of the corona virus has been shown to be weaker or less effective.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website also states, "Vaccinators should monitor changes to CDC regulations and guidelines for coronavirus protection, such as frequent hand washing, social distance and Continue to use masks, etc., to reduce the risk of infection.

Do newer types of corona virus affect children more?
Experts say complete data on the link between new strains of the corona virus and its greater impact on children are not yet available.

Experts also say that the difference between the old and new variants of the corona virus in terms of infecting children is not clear. However, experts also say that there is a need for observation and study in this regard.

Will there be more precautions against new strains of corona virus?
According to US medical expert Dr. Bollinger, new measures are not needed to prevent the spread of new strains of the corona virus, but regular hand washing, social distance and the use of masks can reduce the spread of the corona virus in Wuhan. Prevention is possible, as well as new strains of the virus. However, experts are advising constant monitoring on this issue as well.
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