7 important applications to enjoy the new “iPhone 13”

7 important applications to enjoy the new “iPhone 13”

If you have bought the iPhone 13, you must be wondering what applications you should download to enjoy all the improvements of the new device that Apple has enhanced with features and capabilities that the developers were able to use to create fun new applications designed specifically for it.

Favorite apps

Here is a list of the best iOS 15 apps that I would love to have on your iPhone 13:

> Halide Mark II photography app The new camera system tops the list of the best features of the iPhone 13, which includes three new and advanced cameras in Model: Pro, Pro Max. But to take advantage of the improvements that Apple has made through this system, it is necessary to download the correct application.

Halide is one of the best photography apps for iPhone because it gives the user the most control over the photos they take. It also features an "Instant Raw" raw image mode that combines the raw file with computer imaging to give you a finished image that's complete and ready for full synthesis. You can subscribe to the Halide app for $11.99 per year.

> Spark e-mail application People usually waste a lot of their time in searching for the best e-mail application because of its importance, and because most of us spend the bulk of our time communicating, and they are often keen to choose an effective and easy-to-use application.

Therefore, we recommend that you use the "Spark" application because it is the best for iPhone devices. Spark offers excellent support for integration with third-party applications, an ideal ability to share emails between team members, and an advanced calendar feature, making it a versatile tool that helps improve communication and stay organized at work. Spark is available in a free version, and the latest "Premium" for $7.99 per month.

> Organizer for passwords «1 Password» 1Password. We know that organizing passwords is never fun and worst of all, most people are bad at it. For this reason, they choose easy-to-remember passwords and then use them on every account and website. But this behavior leads to real problems because hacking your information means that network stalkers have breached your privacy. 1 Password app solves this problem by helping you to create secure passwords as long as you only remember one.

Users of the new iOS 15 system benefit from this application in particular because it has become available as an additional program in the “Safari” application, meaning that it can work on the iPhone as well as on the “Mac” devices. You can subscribe to “1 Password” for $2.99 ​​per month, or $4.99 for a family package for five subscribers, in addition to corporate prices starting at $19.99 per month for ten subscribers.

- Organization and entertainment

> Fantastical calendar. The iPhone has a decent calendar app, but it's not perfect. On the other hand, there is an application called "Fantastical" that takes into account all the details with high accuracy such as the date, time, location and even the people you will meet with, and automatically adds them to your agenda. This app makes it easy for you to add the things you want to your calendar without having to dive into lists and options. It also provides you with a flexible feature such as the one-click link available in the "Zoom" and "Microsoft Meetings" applications, to facilitate your joining the meetings.

>Things 3 business organizer. First, it must be said that "Things" does not need an iPhone 13, but if you are looking for a well-designed application that helps you organize your work, do not hesitate to download it.

The "Things 3" app helps you to make to-do lists, make it easier to schedule them, complete them on time, and catch up on everything you want to do. This application tops the list of the best organizational applications for iPhone devices thanks to its high efficiency. You can subscribe to it for $9.99.

> Carrot Weather application. This app provides you with all the weather information you need with a touch of customization.

But aside from the degree of customization you might want for weather information, Carrot Weather is a great app with a distinctive design that makes it easy for you to keep track of changes throughout the day.

The application also includes a feature that allows it to automatically adjust according to the upcoming weather and the time period. The “Apple Store” witnessed the entry of many distinguished applications for weather conditions this year, but “Carrot Weather” remains the best.

> iMovie application. Some prefer to stay away from Apple's original apps, but iMovie should be an exception if you want to take advantage of the new Cinematic Mode available on the iPhone 13, especially if you are interested in getting advanced features to synthesize the beautiful videos you shoot. It should be noted that this mode gets the support of all video editing applications from Apple, but iMovie remains the best.
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