Hackers publish personal details of the Israeli Defense Minister and hundreds of soldiers

Hackers publish personal details of the Israeli Defense Minister and hundreds of soldiers

A hacker group known as the "Moses Staff", believed to be affiliated with Iran, has published accurate and personal details of the Israeli Defense Minister and a combat unit in the Israeli army, and they are threatening more.

An Israeli newspaper revealed, on Tuesday evening, that a "hackers" group believed to be Iranian had published accurate details including the names, addresses, ranks and units of hundreds of soldiers and officers in the Israeli army.

The group, which calls itself the "Moses Staff", has published personal photos of Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz with a threat that he is "under surveillance." Yedioth Ahronoth.

The attack came hours after a cyber attack that brought most of Iran's gas stations to a standstill.

And on Tuesday, the same group published, on its website in the “Dark Web” and on one of the “Telegram” groups, files containing the full details of an Israeli army combat unit, including the names of soldiers, their ranks and their training.

Some files contain a complete list of reservists in military units, which include the names of the soldiers, their ranks and their personal phone numbers, according to the same source.

The release of the data was accompanied by a message that said: "We will continue to fight until your crimes are revealed, and we will track you down from where you do not know, this is just the beginning."

And on Monday, the group wrote, when posting selfies of Gantz, "We know all your decisions, and eventually we'll target where you least expect it."

She added, "We have secret documents belonging to the Defense Ministry and Benny Gantz. We have news, reports, operational maps, information on the capabilities of units and forces, and messages. We will publish this information to inform the whole world of your crimes," according to "Yediot Aharonot."

The attackers had previously released large amounts of data, which they said they obtained while hacking into Israel Post, including personal details of thousands of customers, including names, addresses and phone numbers.

According to the Hebrew newspaper, the "hackers" also recently published other data after infiltrating Israeli companies, including the Gidel electronics company, the manufacturer of military batteries Epsilor, and the computer and information security company Dosik Technologies.

The exchange of cyber-attacks between Iran and Israel has escalated recently, and earlier on Tuesday, the Iranian authorities confirmed the occurrence of a cyber-attack that hit gas station systems in local markets, causing a disruption in the information available on sales of subsidized fuel to consumers.
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