Light arms dealers in Europe supporting terrorism and drug smuggling

Supporting terrorism and drug smuggling Light arms dealers in Europe are a threat to the world

Light arms dealers in Europe are still a concern that threatens European and regional peace and security, especially with the expansion of their activity in recent years, and their playing a major role in fueling conflicts and conflicts in several countries around the world.
Similar to discussing major security challenges and military threats posed by several regional powers to the countries of Europe, EU leaders have recently been discussing an equally serious threat, which is the proliferation of small arms and light weapons about which they have less information compared to nuclear weapons. They are mainly assault rifles, pistols, heavy machine guns and explosives.

Reports indicate that the illegal trade and illegal possession of these weapons have grown appallingly over the past years, and have played a major role in the battlefields and conflicts of Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

This frightening spread, which no real political will to stop, continues to have repercussions, to this day, on the countries of the region, and the facts are still unfolding in succession, amid the demands of international organizations, to hold the European traders of light weapons accountable, reveal their names, and oblige their countries to respect the charters and treaties. regulating the trade in this type of weapon.

European light weapons global impact

Several studies and survey reports revealed the involvement of small arms dealers in Europe in undermining security, peace and political stability in several countries, by supporting terrorist organizations around the world, and by providing drug-trafficking gangs in Latin America with rifles and machine guns, to be used indiscriminately during confrontations with law enforcement agents from among the elements. Security and police.

According to a report recently published by the International Center for Counter-Terrorism, between 2010 and 2020, European small arms were used in more than 85,000 terrorist attacks worldwide, killing at least 193,000 people.

Statistics in the same context indicate that nearly 50% of the deaths caused by violence in the world between 2010 and 2015 were mainly using small arms and light weapons.

European light weapons have been at the center of international conflicts over the past years, and perhaps the most prominent evidence of this is what has been revealed by several security reports, which are still in the process of investigation and follow-up, and reveal the involvement of France, for example, either legally or illegally, in Providing the warring militias in Libya with light weapons by dropping them by air, and using them to kill civilians during the Yemen war, as well as selling them to the terrorist organization ISIS, which carried out its horrific crimes and operations in Syria.

At the level the same, I have spoken reports of several countries and organizations, about the involvement of the German company manufacturer and product the most prominent weapons "Heckler & Koch" selling rifles from the "G36" model of the elements of the armed militias in Libya, and their Georgian non - governmental, and sold to Mexico , which are subject to the export ban because of Accusations of corruption affect police officers. The German government denied being aware of the requirements of these deals and the methods of shipping and reaching these destinations.

And if the countries of the world, especially African countries and the countries of the Middle East, stand at the barrel of European guns, these arms-producing countries, which helped spread it legally or illegally, are the first victims of it. Security reports announced that the 2015 Paris attacks, for example, were the use of European small arms that fell into the hands of terrorists.

While the European Union countries complain of a large influx of refugees from the countries of the Middle East and Africa, they are well aware that they are the main reason for this by providing gangs and militias with this type of weapons to kill civilians and commit humanitarian atrocities.

Procedures and challenges

The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute confirmed in 2017 that the profits of the light arms trade amounted to 95 billion dollars annually, and European manufacturers occupy the top five positions in the global ranking for the export of this type of weapons.

To this day, the EU's relationship with these companies, manufacturers and exporters remains unclear and transparent.

Experts and specialists confirm that the reason for its spread is mainly due to the ease of smuggling and the ease of concealment. According to the report of the Small Arms Survey, more than one billion firearm is today in the hands of non - state actors.

In response to domestic and international pressure, in 2018 the European Union endorsed the Strategy to Combat Accumulation and Illicit Trade in Small Arms. It also approved the approval and funding of iArms and iTrace, the international tracing tools that identify arms smugglers and track the transfer of diverted arms.

With the intensification of procedures and the attempt to surround this security threat, an additional problem is surfacing, which is the European arms factories located on lands outside its borders. Officials assert that the internal control techniques that have been adopted will not be effective for these factories and companies.

Despite these efforts, almost everyone agrees that the European Union still needs to take more measures to combat the proliferation of small arms and light weapons, which undermine global peace and security and greatly damage the reputation of European countries. And then the truth will be revealed whether these countries have the real political will to stop this dangerous spread around the world.
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