Will Chinese electric cars dominate the car market in Europe?

Will Chinese electric cars dominate the car market in Europe?

A large group of new electric cars made in China are heading to Europe, including a number of affordable, pure electric and hybrid vehicles designed to boost sales schemes.

The entire automotive sector is undergoing a transformation today, with e-marketing competing with traditional outlets such as showrooms. The Chinese hope to also benefit from these changes.

Chinese niche brands such as startups NIO, Payton and Xping have so far been trying to win over US electric car company Tesla's customers with technology. Innovative and cool designs.

And now unknown manufacturing giants are emerging in many places outside China, who hope to lure customers away from companies like Germany's Volkswagen.

“We really have to take them seriously this time...Most of them have done their homework and learned from the mistakes of the past,” says Stefan Pretzel, an automobile expert from Germany's economics Bergisch Gladbach University.

These days, Chinese cars are exempt from crash testing, just as confidently as their European counterparts. This is a far cry from decades ago, when replica models were criticized for being unsafe when driving at any speed.

Then there is the Chinese car company Aiways, a brand few people in Europe know about. The company manufactures electric cars only, and its U5 is sold in Europe at a starting price of 36,000 euros.

A Chinese company re-launched MG cars in 2011, and since then, the popular British sports car brand has started to manufacture value-focused models, with growing success. The MG Marvel R is the latest offer for electric cars, with prices starting at 40,000 euros. The SUV, which measures 4.67 meters in length, has an elegant and attractive shape.

On the other hand, the Ora and Wey are also newcomers. Both brands are owned by the Chinese car company Great Wall Motors.

Coffee 01, with the weird coffee-inspired name, is a clever blend of additional ingredients, including coffee etiquette, thanks to Equipped with the advanced computer chip "Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155" (Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155). There's also a 14-inch screen in the cockpit of this high-end display that can travel around 150 kilometers in electric mode.

On the other hand, Arcfox, which is based in Magna, near Graz in Austria, will send a series of all-electric α-S cars, which are powered by Huawei technology. (HUAWEI). The car was launched at the "Shanghai International Auto Show 2021" in April.

The Geely Automotive Company, which has become the largest single shareholder in Daimler, the German company that owns the Mercedes-Benz brand, launched the first model of its electric car brand "Zeeker". It is its second all-electric model, along with the Polestar. The 001 is said to be the world's first purely electric launch brake model.

"The heart of the electric car is its battery, and China is at the forefront here," says Ferdinand Dudenhofer, a German auto industry expert. "The outlook for the country's automakers is rosy."

The professor says that the quality of Chinese cars is currently on par with well-known manufacturers, noting that "when it comes to software solutions, the Chinese are ahead of the competition."
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