Huawei's billion-pound "Cambridge Science and Technology Park" project abortion analysis: Xi Jinping's overseas expansion has stopped Huawei's billion-pound "Cambridge Science and Technology Park" project abortion analysis: Xi Jinping's overseas expansion has stopped

Huawei's billion-pound "Cambridge Science and Technology Park" project abortion analysis: Xi Jinping's overseas expansion has stopped

Huawei's billion-pound "Cambridge Science and Technology Park" project abortion analysis: Xi Jinping's overseas expansion has stopped

Huawei spent huge sums of money to purchase 500 acres of land in Cambridge five years ago, and plans to invest one billion pounds to build a science and technology park. British media revealed that the planning permission expired in August, but there is no sign of starting construction so far. Commentators believe that with the British Prime Minister announcing the end of the "Golden Age" between China and the UK, coupled with China's economic recession, Huawei and even Xi Jinping's plans for overseas expansion will be unsustainable.

The British "Daily Telegraph" reported on Sunday (5th) that the troubled Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei has gradually reduced its business in the UK, including quietly shelving plans to build a "Cambridge Science and Technology Park" originally planned to invest 1 billion pounds.

In 2018, Huawei spent 37 million pounds to purchase 500 acres of land near Cambridge University for the plan, claiming that it will be used for research and development and manufacturing of cutting-edge facilities such as broadband communication technology, microchips and artificial intelligence software. The original plan was to complete the first phase of construction in 2021.

The project received planning permission in 2020. The license will expire in August this year. But the site has yet to break ground. Huawei responded that an assessment of the "Huawei Cambridge Science and Technology Park" is underway, but declined to say whether it plans to start construction within the next five months.

Chinese-British writer and commentator Ma Jian told this station that with British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announcing that the "golden age" of Sino-UK relations has come to an end, under the current political atmosphere of the Conservative Party in the UK, Huawei and Xi Jinping's external expansion plans The "Chinese Dream" is bound to come to an end.

Ma Jian said: The Chinese government has actually been working hard for many years to break through Cambridge. The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom has already stated that the "golden age" (Sino-British) is over, and there is no way for these projects to continue. This is a major trend, and the Chinese Communist Party will not be able to reverse this trend within 3 or 5 years. Like It is really difficult for Huawei to work hard to develop. The totalitarian rule of the Chinese government has become extremely disgusting to the people, and Xi Jinping's global "Chinese dream" will eventually be suspended.

Huawei has previously claimed that its investment in the Cambridge area represented a "significant financial vote of confidence in the UK". However, the "Daily Telegraph" reported that Huawei's "Cambridge Technology Park" plan has been "under review" since the new crown epidemic.

South Cambridgeshire district councilors told the British media that they requested to know the progress of the project, but they have not received a response from Huawei.

Local councilor Brian Milnes said the company had been "very silent" on the matter despite repeated attempts by him and other councilors to contact Huawei representatives. He regretted the shelving of the project, arguing that political issues should have stalled the project.

French current commentator Wang Longmeng criticized the South Cambridgeshire District Councilor for not realizing that Huawei is a tool for the Chinese government to expand abroad.

Wang Longmeng said: Huawei is a tool-based enterprise for the Chinese government to expand its territory overseas. The 1 billion pound Cambridge Science and Technology Park project, the CCP’s purpose is to rely on Cambridge, known as the Silicon Valley of the United Kingdom, to steal the technology and intellectual property here. , to facilitate its totalitarian rule and expansion. It is a pity that the South Cambridgeshire District Councilors still hope that Huawei will continue to invest. They did not put Huawei's investment in the context of the CCP's aggressive external expansion.

Wang Longmeng believes that not only the United Kingdom, but also the entire West has become aware of the security risks posed by Huawei and has blocked it. In addition, the Chinese government behind Huawei is in economic recession, and the old practice of supporting Huawei with the power of the whole country is unsustainable.

Wang Longmeng said: Huawei has become a trend of "everyone screams and beats" in the West. As a country of the "Five Eyes Alliance", the UK is generally in step with the United States. Huawei projects have to consider the prospect of being blocked in Western countries; coupled with China's economic recession A few years ago, the large currency policy of supporting Huawei's overseas occupation with the power of the whole country was unsustainable, so the Huawei project probably will not start.

According to Huawei's official website, "Cambridge Science and Technology Park" has more than 400 jobs and will become Huawei's overseas optoelectronic business headquarters after completion. Huawei also stated that it will rely on the base to strengthen cooperation with universities and research institutions to promote the application of "British technology" globally.

In mid-2020, the British government has banned Huawei equipment from entering the UK's 5G network due to concerns about national security.

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