The "WhatsApp" trick allows you to leave group chats without alerting everyone! The "WhatsApp" trick allows you to leave group chats without alerting everyone!

The "WhatsApp" trick allows you to leave group chats without alerting everyone!

The "WhatsApp" trick allows you to leave group chats without alerting everyone!

A new WhatsApp trick allows you to quietly leave chat groups without alerting everyone.

This means that if you get added to chats that you don't want to be a part of, you can now opt out and avoid any embarrassing moments.

The new feature may also prevent embarrassing encounters with more sensitive group members who may react badly to your departure.

With this new feature, only the group admin will be notified of your exit.

Of course, group members will be able to see that you've left if they look at the list of participants on the group details page.

Before introducing the feature, WhatsApp would send a notification to the entire group whenever someone left.

But with the new version, once users enable the feature in their WhatsApp settings, they won't be able to see the message, no matter which group you choose to leave from.

However, one thing to note is that the admins - the people who created the group - are not able to use this feature in that specific chat.

Therefore, they would only be able to go out in groups that they were not responsible for.

How to get out of chats on Android?

You can simply tap and hold on the group you want to leave from.

After that, you should click on the three-dot icon in the upper right corner of the screen. and select exit.

You will then see a message on the screen that says, "Only group admins will be notified that you have left the group".

How to get out of chats on "iPhone"?

Those who use an iPhone or have WhatsApp installed on their Apple device need to swipe left on the group they want to leave.

Click on more. Then click "Exit".

Users will see a message on the screen that says, "Only group admins will be notified that you have left the group."

Otherwise, if you're worried about the backlash you might get from leaving a group, you can turn off read receipts.

This means that your contacts will not be able to see if you have viewed their message.

However, you should be aware that by turning off read receipts, you also won't be able to see when others have read your messages.

To deactivate read messages, you need:

- Open WhatsApp.

- Go to settings.

- Then the accounts.

Click Privacy.

Then turn off the toggle for read receipts. Source: Daily Mail

A new feature in “WhatsApp” protects users from spam calls

WABetaInfo announced that those in charge of the "WhatsApp" application have begun testing a new feature in the application that will protect users from unwanted calls.

According to the site, the new feature is currently still in the testing phase for some WhatsApp users, and to test it, the user must be subscribed to the experimental services of the application on Android or iOS, as this feature will reach him automatically, and he can download the latest trial version of WhatsApp. manually.

And with the new feature called Silence unknown callers, WhatsApp users can mute calls that may come from unknown numbers or not in their contact lists, and this feature will display to the user a list of muted calls and notifications.

Many analysts believe that the new feature will be a solution to the annoying calls received by many WhatsApp users, and will also contribute to protecting users from fraudsters who use the application to contact some users with the aim of obtaining sums of money from them or accessing their application data.

It should be noted that the "mute annoying calls" feature is still in the testing phase, and it is expected that it will appear in some upcoming versions of "WhatsApp". Source: 4pda

WhatsApp complies with the laws of the European Union

The European Commission announced that those in charge of "WhatsApp" have agreed to comply with European Union rules on the protection of personal data of users of the application.

The press service of the European Commission said in a statement: “As a result of the dialogue between the consumer protection organization and the European Commission, the company responsible for WhatsApp has committed to being more transparent about changes in the rules for providing services to users.”

And in June last year, the Consumer Protection Organization and the European Commission sent a letter to the company, “WhatsApp” due to “concerns arising from updates to the terms of service” of the messaging application that it runs, and called for informing users of the company’s economic model.

In particular, he called on the European Union to clearly inform “WhatsApp” users about any change in the application services policy so that they can decide whether to continue using its services or not. In addition, the European Commission urged the company to disclose whether it uses data personal users for business purposes.

For their part, those in charge of “WhatsApp” promised to facilitate the rejection of updates offered to users of the application in the event that users did not agree to them, and they also promised not to transfer user data to third parties, including “Facebook”, and to prevent the use of this data for commercial advertising purposes. Source: Novosti

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