Health survey : Because of health problems, a large wave of resignations hit American schools

The effect of bad habits on life expectancy : Physician    Tobacco day : The percentage of smokers in Palestine is the highest in the region Health survey : Because of health problems, a large wave of resignations hit American schools

American schools are witnessing a remarkable increase in the number of teacher resignations. An opinion poll attributed the cause of this wave to problems related to health, levels of stress and fatigue. 

A recent survey revealed that a large number of teachers in American schools leave their jobs due to health problems, stress levels and burnout. 

A survey conducted by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics stated that about half of the employees who left their jobs in primary education institutions in March "voluntarily left".

He pointed out that the increase in resignations in this public sector is a result of the problems of inflation and the accompanying sense of tension and anxiety, all of which are problems related to people's mental health.

According to another survey conducted by EdWeek & Merrimack Center for Educators, it was found that about 45% of the teachers surveyed feel problems related to not receiving enough recognition in society, and not being treated as professionals.

Meanwhile, a new survey conducted by members of the National Education Association (NEA) revealed a shocking level of stress and burnout among teachers, and a significant increase in the percentage of those who believe that the Corona pandemic has made them more likely to retire or leave the profession earlier than planned.

The survey showed that many teachers in the United States are considering early retirement, due to the pandemic and its consequences.

He added that the rate is higher among teachers of Hispanic, Latino, and Black descent.

The average teacher salary for the 2020-2021 school year in the United States was just over $65,000 annually.

The effect of bad habits on life expectancy : Physician

Dr. Olesya Savelieva, Chief Internal Medicine Physician at JSC Medicina Hospital, announced that smoking and excessive alcohol and drug use are bad habits that shorten a person's life expectancy.

In an interview with the newspaper "Izvestia", the doctor indicated that each of these bad habits reduces the average human life by 10-20 years.

According to her, smoking reduces life expectancy by 10 years. Because the smoker usually suffers from a high level of cholesterol in the blood, atherosclerosis, blood clots, and vascular diseases in the lower extremities.

She says: “Nicotine causes heart rhythm disturbances and rarely cardiac arrest, as soon as it enters the body. Smoking also helps the development of malignant tumors – lung cancer, oral cavity cancer, stomach cancer, pancreatic cancer, kidney cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer and other organs in the body.” The body. Women who smoke during pregnancy often suffer from miscarriage, bleeding, fetal development disorders, and stillbirth.”

And she adds, electronic cigarettes also contain nicotine, which reaches the blood immediately after inhaling the vapors, and after 8 inhalations or more, it reaches the brain.

According to her, heavy drinking reduces life expectancy by 15-20 years. This is accompanied by poor brain functioning, which in certain cases may cause alcoholic dementia. Excessive alcohol consumption also stimulates cardiovascular disease, liver and kidney disorders, gastrointestinal diseases, decreased sexual function, weak immunity and mental disorders.

And she says: "Drug abuse is usually considered the most horrible kind of addiction, and this was worn by mistake. Because in the case of regular drug use, a person does not live more than 8-9 years, regardless of the way it is taken. Drugs destroy the heart, lungs, nervous system and immune system. When injected Intravenous drugs increase the risk of infection with AIDS and hepatitis B and C. In addition, inhaling gases and volatile substances leads to poor brain function and damage to most parts of the body, including the brain.”

The doctor draws attention to the fact that there are habits that do not affect the quality and longevity at first sight. Among these habits is the constant use of electronic devices, poor nutrition and lack of sleep, as if a person does not improve his diet and sleep well and at the right time, it is very likely that this will lead to serious complications from obesity to Alzheimer's disease.

Tobacco day : The percentage of smokers in Palestine is the highest in the region

Ramallah: The Palestinian Ministry of Health said, on Wednesday, that the percentage of smokers in the Palestinian territories is the highest in the Middle East, amounting to about 34%.

In a statement on the occasion of World No Tobacco Day , the Ministry stated that a gradual survey of chronic diseases conducted in 2022 showed that the percentage of smokers in the age group (18-69) who smoke one or more smoked tobacco products in Palestine amounted to about 33.5% of the total number of individuals. .

According to the ministry, 55.1% of males and 12.1% of females smoke, and more than a third of smokers are young people, aged between 18-29 years, which amounted to 40% of the total number of smokers.

She pointed out that the survey showed that nearly two-thirds of individuals are exposed to passive smoking inside their homes, at a rate of 64% of individuals, and that 66% were exposed to passive smoke while using transportation, and that 58% were exposed to passive smoking in the workplace.
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