Amazon is investing up to $4 billion in the artificial intelligence company Anthropic

Amazon is investing up to $4 billion in the artificial intelligence company Anthropic

New York : The Amazon Group announced on Monday an investment of up to $4 billion in the American artificial intelligence company Anthropic, which is developing a competitor to the “GPT Chat” program, accelerating the global race towards these technologies.

Through this partnership, the giant group in the field of e-commerce and cloud computing will acquire a minority stake in the company “Anthropic”, which developed “Cloud”, a chatbot that competes with “ChatGPT”, the famous artificial intelligence tool developed by “Open”. A.I.”

For its part, Anthropic will use chips from Amazon Web Service (AWS), the world's largest cloud computing company, that were specifically developed to create machine learning models.

According to Amazon, this agreement aims to accelerate Anthropic’s future automated chat models, which AWS users will have access to.

“Generative” artificial intelligence, capable of generating new content based on learning data, is whetting the appetite of Internet giants.

A few days ago, Amazon announced that its virtual assistant, “Alexa,” will be equipped with artificial intelligence.

For its part, Microsoft indicated Thursday that it will integrate OpenAI's new generative artificial intelligence interface into its Bing search engine

Google is adding more functionality to its cool artificial intelligence platform

Washington : Instead of having many tabs for Google services, the American company seeks to combine them into one tab that uses artificial intelligence to deal with emails, vacation plans, and other personal documents of the user.

Google wants to consolidate all tabs into one tab on the cool AI platform's user interface , which is quickly competing with the most popular platform, " GBT Chat ."

Google Director Jack Krawczyk said Bard could be useful when making vacation plans, or filling out forms that are sent to the user via email and other files saved on Google services such as Gmail and Google's cloud computing services.

He added that Bard can complete tasks that require 20 minutes in just 20 seconds by helping to fill out various forms that the user receives via email, and searching for and summarizing basic information, which is a particularly useful task for parents at the beginning of the school year.

Another example of the work that the Bard platform can do is answering a question that says, for example, “Search for my CV titled 2023 on the cloud computing service Drive and summarize it in a short personal paragraph.”

This function can also be more useful when planning vacations, “as you can ask Bard to determine the appropriate times for each person through emails, search for flight times and hotel information, then review the Google Maps service to find out the routes to the airport, and also watch videos on YouTube.” To find out things to do during the trip.

The Bard platform will be more useful when Google can access all of the user's personal data, but it will not be useful if some of the useful information that requires access is located on other applications such as WhatsApp, iMessage, or an email account other than Gmail.

Although the new function of the Bard platform that was announced last week is available worldwide, it currently supports only the English language, and other languages ​​will be added later.

At the same time, some believe that allowing the artificial intelligence platform to access the user's personal information and documents is scary, so Google says that cold access to personal information can be revoked at any time the user chooses.

At the same time, Krawczyk says that the content of the user's personal information and documents will not be used to train or improve the Bard language model, nor will anyone be allowed to see this information even when Bard processes the information contained in emails or the Dock and Drive services. It will also not be used to send any advertisements to the user in any way.

Google also wants to allow the user to combine his real voice with images uploaded over the Internet in the future. For example, the user can upload a picture of a bottle with the drink inside it written on it, so Park will suggest in detail the main meal that would best suit this drink. Bard chat archive can also be shared with other people.

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