New Delhi : "100% agreement", what leaders said on the New Delhi declaration at the G20 summit

After several days of speculation, a consensus was reached at the G20 summit on Saturday and the New Delhi Declaration was accepted. India's major achievement was welcomed by many leaders and officials, who termed it a 'historic' document and said that the manifesto emphasizes the human-centric globalization envisioned by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The joint declaration of G20 is 37 pages long. There are total 83 paragraphs in it. This has been called the New Delhi Declaration. Ukraine war has been mentioned 4 times in this manifesto. The acceptance of the manifesto was announced by PM Narendra Modi on Saturday afternoon, and reactions started coming in soon after.

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said - The voice of the Global South was recognized.
Thanking the members of the prestigious group, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman posted on the micro-blogging website The New Delhi Declaration has been officially adopted at the Summit Prime Minister Narendra Modi's human-centric globalization and our concerns about the Global South have found voice and recognition All G20 members are thanked for their cooperation and support. Thank you"

What else did Finance Minister Sitharaman say?
Finance Minister Sitharaman said India's G20 presidency has created solutions that resonate with each member and offer a common path forward for all. The G20 has reached agreement for bigger, better and more effective multilateral development banks. The G20 believes that the world order after the pandemic should be different from the world order before it. The leaders emphasized on reinvigorating multilateralism.

India assumed the presidency at a challenging time - Union Finance Minister
Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said that we assumed the presidency at a challenging time of geopolitical tension. Today I can say with confidence that India's presidency of the G-20 has taken the matter forward. India's G20 chairperson has worked on the theme 'One Earth, One Family, One Future'. We are clear in our minds that no one should be left behind in our search for global solutions.

Emphasis on digital public infrastructure - S Jaishankar 
External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar said that the G20 manifesto highlights the inclusive role of technology with a focus on transformation, digital public infrastructure. G-20 has contributed in preparing India for the world and preparing the world for India. It is a matter of satisfaction for us that African Union was today given permanent membership of G-20 under the chairmanship of India.

Historic and path-breaking achievement - Amitabh Kant
India's G20 Sherpa Amitabh Kant termed the announcement as historic and path-breaking and said there was 100 per cent consensus on all developmental and geopolitical issues. The context of geopolitics is particularly important given the backdrop of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

G-20 Sherpa Amitabh Kant said that developing countries and emerging economies played an important role in building consensus on the Russia-Ukraine issue. India worked closely with Indonesia, Brazil, South Africa. This has been possible only due to the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the tireless hard work of the officials.

G20 Summit India : Mention of Ukraine war, focus on One Future Alliance; Read 10 important things of Delhi manifesto

The joint declaration of G20 is 37 pages long. There are total 83 paragraphs in it. This has been called the New Delhi Declaration. Ukraine war has been mentioned 4 times in this manifesto. PM Narendra Modi announced the acceptance of the manifesto on Saturday afternoon.

G20 summit is going on in Delhi under the chairmanship of India. On the very first day of the summit, on Saturday (9 September), a common declaration (Delhi Declaration) was agreed upon. Prime Minister Modi gave this information in his capacity as the speaker at the beginning of the second session on Saturday. He passed the New Delhi Declaration with the consent of all the member countries. This is being considered a big achievement at the diplomatic level for India.

10 important things of Delhi Manifesto :-

- The manifesto calls for a 'comprehensive, just and lasting peace in Ukraine'. Member states have been urged to refrain from 'using force to occupy territories' or acting against the territorial integrity of any country. 
- All countries will work on Sustainable Development Goals. One Future Alliance will be formed on the initiative of India. Bio fuel alliance will be formed. Its founding members will be India, America and Brazil.
- Emphasis will be laid on one earth, one family, one future. Multilateral development banks will be strengthened. They will be made better, bigger and more effective.
- Emphasis will be placed on the priorities of the Global South. There will be talks to make a global policy regarding cryptocurrency. Work will be done on green and low carbon energy technology.
- To create a better system regarding loans, India has emphasized on making a common framework. The fastest growing cities in the world will be funded. 
- Will conserve biodiversity, forests and oceans. Will prepare better for future health emergencies. Work will be done on debt related weaknesses in developing countries.
- It has also been agreed to increase funding to accelerate progress on SDGs. Approval has been given to increase resources to achieve the temperature target. 
- More effective Multilateral Development Banks (MDBS) will be created. There has also been agreement on improving digital services and digital infrastructure.
- Focus will be on digital transformation to promote inclusive development. Emphasis has been laid on promoting equal and effective participation of women.
- There will also be a focus on women's participation as decision-makers in the economy. Environmentally sustainable development paths will be adopted.

Pakistan : PTI challenged Official Secrets Act and Army Act

The petition has sought the annulment of the Official Secrets Act and the Army Amendment Act and suspension of both laws pending the decision of the constitutional petition.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan has filed a constitutional petition in the Supreme Court against the Official Secrets Act and the Army Amendment Act. 

The petition has sought the annulment of the Official Secrets Act and the Army Amendment Act and suspension of both laws pending the decision of the constitutional petition.

The petition states that the Army Amendment Act and the Official Secrets Act were not signed by the President of Pakistan and these two laws are contrary to Article 10A, Article Eight and Article 19.

In the petition filed by Shoaib Shaheen, the President, Secretary National Assembly, Ministry of Law and Interior have been made parties.

What is the Official Secrets Act Amendment Bill?

According to the Official Secrets Amendment Bill, a person who intentionally creates a problem of public order, acts against the state, invades or damages a prohibited place with the aim of benefiting the enemy directly or indirectly, will be guilty of a crime.

In addition, under the amendment bill, a person who gains unauthorized access to documents or information from within or outside the country with or without electronic or modern devices will be considered an offence.

Action will also be taken against anyone acting against state security or interests inside or outside Pakistan and these offenses will be punishable with imprisonment for three years, a fine of Rs 10 lakh or both.

Under the Official Secrets Act, the accused will be tried in a special court and the special court will decide after completing the hearing within 30 days.

What is the Army Act Amendment Bill?

The National Assembly passed the Pakistan Army Act Amendment Bill 2023, the Senate had already passed the bill, the bill was presented by former Prime Minister Nazir Tarar in the National Assembly.

According to the Army Act, no military personnel shall engage in political activity for two years after retirement, resignation or dismissal, while military personnel or officers posted on sensitive duty shall not engage in political activity for five years after termination of service.

This bill will not apply to civilians, the Army Act Amendment Bill 2023 will not have any effect on the ongoing case in the Supreme Court, dual nationals will not be able to join the forces of Pakistan.

According to the Army Act Amendment Bill, the unauthorized disclosure of information obtained in the national security and interest will be punished, the concerned person will be sentenced to imprisonment for up to five years. Action will also be taken against Pakistan and any kind of disclosure against the forces.
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