A doctor identifies the foods that cause drowsiness

A doctor identifies the foods that cause drowsiness

Endocrinologist Dr. Natalia Tananakina has identified the foods that make a person feel sleepy.

Doctor points out that eating foods containing carbohydrates, especially simple carbohydrates, tryptophan and magnesium, can cause a feeling of drowsiness.

She says: "These foods include sweets, white bread, pasta, white rice, and potatoes. We must know that eating carbohydrates in moderation is beneficial for maintaining the required energy level. But eating them in excess can lead to drowsiness immediately after eating."

She points out that foods rich in tryptophan are cottage cheese, turkey meat, milk, nuts and seeds.

She adds: “Tryptophan is an amino acid that serves as a precursor to the hormone serotonin, which plays an important role in mood and regulating sleep. Therefore, when eating foods containing tryptophan can lead to an increase in the level of serotonin in the blood, which may make the person feel sleepy.”

According to her, magnesium is an important mineral that contributes to regulating sleep and rest.

“Low magnesium levels lead to insomnia and fatigue,” she says.

She adds, eating foods rich in magnesium such as nuts, seeds, spinach, avocado, bananas and dark chocolate can improve sleep quality.

She points out that alcohol can also cause drowsiness, but it is not recommended to use it for this purpose.

She says: "Aside from the fact that alcohol can help you fall asleep quickly, it can at the same time cause sleep disturbance. Therefore, even if a person feels sleepy after consuming alcohol, it is better for him to drink it in moderation and reduce its amount."

The doctor points out that each person's reaction to foods is different and is a completely personal matter, as a certain food can cause a person to feel drowsy, while the same food may not have a similar effect in another person.

How to deal with stress and get enough sleep

Stress and insomnia have become an integral part of our daily lives. But we must know that stress and insomnia are only the tip of the iceberg, behind which a group of diseases lurk.

Stress is often the starting point for the development of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and gastrointestinal diseases. What should we do and how can we regain calm and good sleep?

A doctor explains what lack of sleep leads to
Of course, many people know what causes lack of sleep resulting from a disturbing conversation or a specific problem, which causes a person to be late in going to sleep at the usual time. Even if he sleeps, his sleep will be superficial, and any rustling, movement or noise outside the room will wake him up. That is, he wakes up without getting enough rest. This leads to bad mood, feeling tired, irritable, anxious, and overeating.

Official statistics indicate that about 50 percent of residents of large cities suffer from a sleep-wake cycle disorder. Knowing that circadian rhythms are the basis of human life. What are the methods used to deal with stress?

According to many psychologists, this problem should be revealed and talked about with any friend or relative. It is best to consult a psychologist when the condition worsens.

It is better for 10 minutes a day not to think about the problem at all, and instead listen to music, read a book, and meditate.

You can practice artistic activity daily, because it greatly reduces the level of anxiety and stress.

In addition, products containing glycine and melatonin can be added to the diet. Because glycine reduces anxiety and is sedative, melatonin helps promote normal, healthy sleep.
If all of these methods do not work, then only sleeping medications must be resorted to.
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