The White House: Biden testifies in the case of his retention of secret documents

The White House: Biden testifies in the case of his retention of secret documents

The White House announced that US President Joe Biden testified voluntarily as part of investigations into the case of his keeping secret documents in his office and home.

A statement in this regard stated that Biden's testimony took place within two days, and ended on Monday.

The White House confirmed that it and Biden are cooperating with the investigation, and updated information is being provided "while maintaining the highest degree of transparency."

The White House added that any questions regarding the investigations should be directed to the US Department of Justice.

It is noteworthy that the US Department of Justice is conducting an investigation into the issue of Joe Biden keeping many secret documents dating back to his period as US Vice President in 2009-2017, which were discovered in his office and home in Delaware in November 2022.

The New York Times reported that a number of senior US officials have been questioned as part of the investigations, including the President's National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, Biden's aide Steve Ricchetti and others.

Tucker Carlson warns of the outbreak of a nuclear war between Iran and the United States due to the “Al-Aqsa Flood”

The famous American journalist, Tucker Carlson, considered that the conflict in the Middle East could lead to the bankruptcy of the American government and the outbreak of a nuclear war with Iran.
Carlson said: “The conflict between Israel and Hamas could escalate into a war between Iran and its allies and the West. If such a war begins, we can easily expect the use of nuclear weapons and the subsequent millions of deaths and the collapse of the global economy. At a minimum, we will see here (in the United States) United States) an unprecedented energy crisis.

Carlson pointed out that the conflict has already caused an increase in energy prices, and if it continues this way, the United States will face a much more serious depression than the one that existed in the 1930s.

He continued: "About 10 million people from the poorest countries in the world have arrived in the United States over the past three years. The vast majority of them live on government welfare. You can imagine how this will end when the United States government loses money."

Carlson criticized US Senator Lindsey Graham, who had previously made threats against Iran, and promised "severe consequences" for possible intervention in the conflict . The journalist wondered what would happen if the United States started attacking Iran.

The journalist added, "Lindsey Graham has no idea what will happen. He has not thought about it. He is almost 70 years old and has no children. He does not care."

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