A Turkish plane landing at Egypt's Al-Arish Airport carrying aid for the Gaza Strip

A Turkish plane landing at Egypt's Al-Arish Airport carrying aid for the Gaza Strip

Al-Arish International Airport in Egypt, the closest point to the border with Palestine, received a Turkish cargo plane carrying food and medical aid to the Gaza Strip.
Dr. Khaled Zayed, head of the Egyptian Red Crescent branch in North Sinai, said that this is the second aid shipment to arrive at Al-Arish Airport for the benefit of the people of Gaza, after the first international humanitarian aid shipment from Jordan arrived at Al-Arish Airport yesterday, Thursday, in preparation for sending it to the Strip. 

Khaled Zayed added that Egypt was one of the first countries to send humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza, as on the third day of the aggression against Gaza and before travel was disrupted, two tons of Egyptian humanitarian and medical aid were sent to the Palestinian Red Crescent through the Egyptian Red Crescent. He added that the youth of the Egyptian Red Crescent continue their tasks around the clock as volunteers to transport international aid after receiving it.

The Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement: “Egypt calls on all countries and regional and international organizations wishing to provide humanitarian and relief aid to the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, to alleviate them and respond to their suffering as a result of the violent and continuous Israeli bombing, to deliver that aid to Al-Arish International Airport.” ".

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed, in its statement, that Al-Arish International Airport was designated by the Egyptian authorities to receive international humanitarian aid from various international parties and organizations, stressing that this comes within the framework of humanitarian responsibility and universal moral values, which require people of living conscience in all parts of the world. To take the initiative to provide humanitarian support to the Palestinian people, who are suffering from great dangers at the present time.

Ben Gvir distributes thousands of weapons to residents of the northern regions

Israeli Minister of National Security Itamar Ben Gvir announced the distribution of thousands of weapons to residents of the northern settlements, noting that a batch of 4,000 “long weapons” had been purchased out of 20,000.

On Thursday, Israeli Minister of National Security Itamar Ben Gvir began distributing thousands of “long weapons” to residents in the northern settlements.

Ben Gvir posted a tweet on the X platform on Friday, announcing his participation in distributing weapons in the Jezreel Valley region in the north of the country, as part of the process of purchasing weapons for the population.

The controversial minister said that about 4,000 long weapons have been purchased so far, out of about 20,000 that will be purchased in the coming days.

He stated that during the past two days, 2,000 weapons were distributed to dozens of settlements in the northern and coastal regions, announcing that more would be distributed in other settlements in the next two days.

Palestinian activists circulated on social media a video showing Ben Gvir supervising the distribution of a number of weapons to Israelis in one of the northern settlements.

Last Wednesday, the controversial Israeli minister expected confrontations between what he described as the Arab minority and the Jewish majority in Israel, as part of the consequences of the war it is waging in Gaza.

He indicated that he directed the police chief to prepare for the scenario of the “Wall Guard 2” operation, considering it “imminent.”

Jordanians gather today in Amman to express solidarity with the Palestinians in Gaza - Reuters

Amman: Thousands of Jordanians went out on Friday in the capital, Amman, in a march in solidarity with Palestine and the Gaza Strip, which has been subjected to intense Israeli bombardment by warplanes for 7 days, while security forces prevented hundreds of Jordanians from reaching the border with the West Bank.

The march began, after Friday prayers, in front of the “Al-Husseini” Mosque in the capital, Amman, in the direction of Nakheel Square (a kilometer away from the mosque).
Participants in the march, which was organized at the invitation of popular, party, and union forces, chanted: “The people want to liberate Palestine,” “Open the borders,” “With our soul and blood, we redeem you, Palestine,” “To Jerusalem, we are going, martyrs in the millions,” and other chants.

Meanwhile, eyewitnesses said that Jordanian riot police forcefully dispersed hundreds of protesters who were trying to reach a border area with the West Bank.

Witnesses said that police fired tear gas to stop about 500 demonstrators who arrived at a security checkpoint outside the capital, Amman, on a highway leading to a main border crossing.

In this context, Anatolia learned from private sources that the northern Jordan Valley region is witnessing security closure points. To prevent a demonstration or gathering on the border with Palestine.
On the other hand, social media accounts are still urging people to go to the border with Palestine, specifically to the Karama area (west), despite a prior official decision to prevent this.
Demonstrators tried to reach the border with Palestine, but security forces dispersed them by force, after tear gas was fired, according to private sources for “Anatolia”.
Subsequently, Public Security published a statement in which it called for adherence to the designated locations for demonstrations and protests, noting at the same time that some tried to come into contact with security personnel.

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