Alcohol brought from Myanmar Beer and cigarettes seized in India Alcohol brought from Myanmar Beer and cigarettes seized in India

Alcohol brought from Myanmar Beer and cigarettes seized in India

Alcohol brought from Myanmar Beer and cigarettes seized in India

India Mizoram State While finding foreign cigarettes and liquor worth 26.86 lakh rupees, illegally brought from Myanmar, seized by the Assam Rifles in the rest of Fay district.

Myanmar-India border India, In Mizoram state, 17 pack of cigarettes worth more than 26 lakh rupees illegally brought from Myanmar. Beer 88 16 cases of wine and 0 cases of whiskey were seized by the Assam Rifles.

Mizoram State The rest of the county Mizoram News reported on October 8 that the Assam Rifles and the Customs Department jointly conducted an inspection on October 7 between Zokhawthar and Melbuk villages.

Last October 4th, near Maulkoi village in Segfi District, Mizoram State, 149 grams of heroin was seized from a man who was carrying it from Mutupi Township in Chin State.

On October 3, Mizoram State The Mizoram police seized over 10 kg of psychoactive drugs worth 3100,000 rupees, which was carried by a Myanmar woman at the Lengpui airport.

Currently, according to the bilateral agreement between Myanmar and India, the border between the two countries, Within the state of Mizoram, Myanmar citizens are allowed to move freely up to 16 km along the border.

India According to Chin Human Rights Group, there are more than 50,000 Myanmar refugees who have fled to Mizoram.

Three large neighborhoods in the city of Lengku are flooded

Due to continuous rain, Yangon Region, In the low-lying neighborhoods of Hlaengkou, the streets and homes have been flooded since the night of October 7, 2023.

Residents said that because of the flooding from the Ng Moe Siew Dam, the neighborhoods are flooded.

A person providing food aid to the flood victims told RFA that the worst flooded area was the Avetha neighborhood in Hlaekku, and houses in Aung Thukha and Aung Thaye neighborhoods were also flooded.

A resident whose house was flooded told RFA that he had to steal the attic to survive.

"The rain is continuing and the water is gradually rising. This morning (October 8th) the water under the house is up to my neck. There are still no relief camps at the ferry crossing. Some of them are going to relatives in nearby monasteries and shopping malls. I am working on a house that is flooded with a cross and an elevated attic level to stay.”

Agriculture of the Military Council The Ngamoeyeik ID social media page used by the Ministry of Livestock and Irrigation has also written that since this year's rainfall has reached a record of 116.33, the dams are no longer in an acceptable condition and there is a possibility of flooding in the lower parts of the dam.

RFA has not yet been able to independently confirm the exact number of people affected by the flood in Hlekou City.

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