Foods that can cause addiction, such as cocaine or heroin! Foods that can cause addiction, such as cocaine or heroin!

Foods that can cause addiction, such as cocaine or heroin!

Foods that can cause addiction, such as cocaine or heroin!

Experts say ultra-processed foods (UPF) are as addictive as nicotine, cocaine or heroin, and more than 1 in 10 people are addicted to them.

A new analysis of 281 studies in 36 different countries revealed that 14% of adults are addicted to ultra-processed foods.

This finding may be shocking, given that ultra-processed foods, such as hot dogs, ice cream, cookies, soft drinks and sugary cereals, have previously been linked to cognitive decline, cancer, psychological distress and even early death.

The study was supervised by Professor Ashley Gerhardt from the University of Michigan, who previously created the Yale Food Addiction Scale by applying the same criteria that experts use to diagnose substance addiction.

These criteria include uncontrollable excessive consumption, cravings, and continued eating despite potential negative health effects.

“The combination of refined carbohydrates and fats often found in ultra-processed foods appears to have an additive effect on brain reward systems above and beyond macronutrients alone, which may increase the likelihood of addiction to these foods,” Gerhardt and the study authors wrote in a new paper published in the journal BMJ. .

Author Chris Van Tulleken told the British newspaper The Guardian in an article about the new study: “For many people, ultra-processed foods are addictive. And when people suffer from food addiction, it is almost always due to ultra-processed food products.”

But the exact reason behind this remains largely a mystery to experts, some of whom believe that it may not be a single ingredient that makes candy or biscuits addictive - unlike the nicotine found in tobacco - but rather multiple contraindications.

Naturally sourced foods tend to contain more carbohydrates or more fat, but not high levels of both, while ultra-processed foods have disproportionately higher levels of both.

Previous research has found that sugary or fatty foods make healthy alternatives less attractive.

Eating ultra-processed foods triggers a dopamine rush followed by a sudden drop, leading to an endless cycle of cravings, getting the fix and crashing, similar to what happens to someone addicted to alcohol or drugs.

Although they are "likely not addictive in and of themselves," additives in foods can "enhance" the effects of calories, Gerhardt's team noted.

Not everyone may be susceptible to addiction to ultra-processed foods, as Van Tulken explained: “Addictive products are not addictive for everyone. Nearly 90% of people can try alcohol and not develop a problematic relationship, and many can try cigarettes, or even cocaine.”

However, the addictive properties of ultra-processed foods have drawn the ire of health-conscious scientists who believe some foods should come with tobacco-style warnings.

Nuts prevent dementia, and others prevent atherosclerosis and heart disease

Nuts are considered the record holder for the content of biologically active nutrients. Therefore, when consumed regularly, many problems can be eliminated.

Dr. Alexander Myasnikov points out that nuts contain a high percentage of protein, fats, dietary fiber, carbohydrates, vitamins and microelements. Although nuts contain a very high percentage of calories (100 grams of nuts contain 600-700 calories), they must be present in the daily diet, as 50-60 grams of nuts must be eaten, provided that It must not be roasted or salted. It can be ground and sprinkled on any food dish.

All types of nuts contain beneficial vegetable fats. These fats lower blood cholesterol levels, in the same way as 10 mg of atorvastatin, thus preventing the development of atherosclerosis.

Nuts are included in the list of foods prescribed to treat and prevent dementia. Because the plant protein contained in it is necessary for the functioning of the brain. Walnuts are particularly useful in this area, so it is no coincidence that their shape is similar to that of a brain. As for almonds, they are beneficial for heart patients. According to recent studies.

According to Myasnikov, nuts are included in a typical diet consisting of vegetables, fruits, fish, wine, garlic, nuts and chocolate. Whoever wants to be fit and healthy should eat these seven magical ingredients.

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