Former Ukrainian advisor: Zelensky is ready to escape

Former Ukrainian advisor: Zelensky is ready to escape

Oleg Soskin, former advisor to former Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma, expressed his belief that Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky is ready to flee his country.

Soskin said on his YouTube page that the new realities related to the conflict in the Middle East and the West’s inability to continue financing Kiev make the defeat of Ukrainian forces inevitable.

He added: "Every leader of his country fights for the survival of his nation, his people and his regime. Therefore, they no longer care about Ukraine, nor about (Russian President Vladimir) Putin. Now they must defend Israel at any cost."

The Ukrainian analyst believes that the only thing that might save Ukraine is to stop hostilities as quickly as possible and reach a peace agreement before the new year.”

He explained: “Our army will be defeated, our fleet will be lost, and the cities will be captured. You have to understand a simple thing: there is a chance. Yes, we have lost 14% of our territory. But this is only 14% and no more. And if we lose more? Who will bear it?” Responsibility for him?

He continued, addressing the Ukrainians: “I am sure that Zelensky has a helicopter, and he will load his family immediately and that's it. Maybe he will take (his chief of staff Andrei) Ermak with him, and the others will be able to escape as well, but where will you all escape to?”

Choosing the fourth candidate in two weeks, The leadership crisis in the Republican majority in the US House of Representatives continues

Republican members of the US House of Representatives on Tuesday chose their second candidate within hours and the fourth within two weeks to assume the presidency of this paralyzed body since the removal of its president, Kevin McCarthy, earlier this month.

The Republican Party announced that its representatives held a second voting session on Tuesday, as a result of which they decided to nominate Representative Mike Johnson for presidency of the House of Representatives.

Republican Representative Elise Stefanik, who chaired the voting session, said that Louisiana Representative Mike Johnson won the internal ballot that took place hours after his predecessor, Tom Emmer, announced that he was withdrawing his candidacy for this position.

Emmer, the third-most senior Republican leader in the House of Representatives, had won the nomination during a first voting session that took place hours before, but he soon announced the withdrawal of his nomination due to the fierce opposition he faced from representatives supporting former US President Donald Trump.

This chaos highlights the divisions suffered by the Republican majority in the House of Representatives after it failed to agree on a successor to McCarthy, who was forced to leave after members who also supported the president turned against him.

Commenting on this reality, Andy Barr, a Republican representative from Kentucky, told CNN, “The dysfunction that the Republican Party is suffering from now seems to say that we want to lose,” and added: “This is crazy to me. We were elected as a majority in order to We rule, and we don't do that now."

Since McCarthy was removed in an unprecedented procedure in the history of the United States, the crisis has continued to worsen in the House of Representatives.

Due to the vacancy of this position, Congress finds itself unable to address files related to very important crises, most notably the war in Ukraine and Israel, as well as the imminent threat of closing government institutions in the United States due to the public debt ceiling crisis.
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