India urged the military council to promote cooperation in traditional medicine India urged the military council to promote cooperation in traditional medicine

India urged the military council to promote cooperation in traditional medicine

India urged the military council to promote cooperation in traditional medicine

India's ambassador to Myanmar, Vinay Kumar, urged the military council to form a joint working group to promote cooperation in traditional medicine teaching and research between Myanmar and India.

It was announced on the X social network page (formerly Twitter) of the Indian Embassy in Myanmar that Ambassador Vinay Kumar urged the Mandalay University of Traditional Medicine Library to donate traditional herbal books from India on October 22.

Military Council Health Minister Dr. Thek Khaing Win also said that Myanmar will promote cooperation with regional countries in order to raise the standard of traditional medicine.

Students from Myanmar The Indian ambassador also spoke to the military council officials about Indian scholarships that students can apply for.

Chaman: The sit-in continues against making passports mandatory at the Afghan border

The people of Chaman are demanding the continuation of the old system of identity cards and Afghan identity cards, but the caretaker government says the passport requirement will not be withdrawn.

The sit-in of political parties and businessmen continued today (Sunday) for the second day in Chaman district of Balochistan province, bordering Afghanistan, due to the mandatory use of passport instead of Pakistani identity card and Afghan identity card 'Tazkra' to cross the border . Stayed.

A meeting of the Provincial Apex Committee in Quetta on October 10, attended by Caretaker Prime Minister Anwarul Haq Kakar and Army Chief General Asim Munir, discussed the expulsion of illegal immigrants and the introduction of a passport system instead of Tazkhir and ID cards at the Afghan border. It was decided to do. 
Regarding these decisions, Balochistan's caretaker information minister John Achakzai said in a press conference on October 11 that the fingerprints of the people coming under the digital system of Special Branch and NADRA will be taken at the border to check illegal border crossing. Data can be compiled by blocking.
Olus Yar, spokesperson of All Parties Tradesmen Laghri Ittihad, involved in the ongoing sit-in in Chaman , said that 'our sit-in between Bab Dosti and FC Qala is continuing, which is on its second day today.
'We have three demands. First, (we) do not accept passports at Chaman border. Second, the old way of trade on the Chaman border, carrying hand goods, should be restored.
"Thirdly, the restrictions imposed on the legal trade on the border, which brings revenue to the country, should be removed." 
He said that the sit-in will continue until the demands are accepted. 
Olas Yar said that all the business centers and shops in the Vish Mandi of Sarhad, they all belong to Chaman traders.
He said that according to an estimate, more than 25 thousand people come and go to Afghanistan from the border every day.
"In addition, Achakzai, Nurzai and other (tribes and communities) are settled here, half of whose people are here and half on the other side in Afghanistan, these people are also being affected." 
He said that there have been two talks with his district administration and other government officials, in which he put his demands.

According to Olas, during the negotiations, the officials said that the decision has been made in the Apex Committee, which cannot be withdrawn.

"Thus, our negotiations have failed, so our sit-in continues, (until) the demands are met."

Caretaker Information Minister John Achakzai told Independent Urdu on Sunday that border traffic on a document is a decision of the government of Pakistan, which cannot be withdrawn.

"In the first phase, the registration will be e (electronic), after that passport will be mandatory and scanning will be done.
As far as employment is concerned, we are trying to give them alternative employment. We have two, three projects under consideration so that these people are not unemployed. The number of these smugglers is very small, which we all know.'
He added that under this decision we will provide all the facilities we can, we have never stopped the trade from the border, we will welcome what Afghanistan needs which is not yes. .'
John Achakzai further said that in this trade, the goods that are smuggled back there will never be allowed.
'We are opening barter trade with Iran, but we will end oil smuggling. Our trade with Iran has reached 2.5 million dollars.
He added that they want legal business because smuggling funds terrorism, it provides financial benefits to 90 percent of smugglers and other networks, which has no room.
"In addition, the government will discuss the issue of employment, we have options."
Regarding the sit-in, John Achakzai said that protest is the right of every Pakistani, whether it is a sit-in or a procession.
'We will not use force against them, our doors are open to the rest of them. The rights under the state policy are the same, if there is any other issue, we are ready to discuss it.'

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