Iranian ground force: Under the banner of the Supreme Leader, we are ready to respond to any threat, in any location, and of any size

Iranian ground force: Under the banner of the Supreme Leader, we are ready to respond to any threat, in any location, and of any size

The Commander of the Iranian Army's Ground Force, Brigadier General Kayumarth Pour-Heidari, confirmed that "this armed force has its finger on the trigger and is ready to respond to any threat, in any location, of any size, and as soon as possible."
On the sidelines of the Al-Qiddar maneuvers, which were held with the participation of Iranian army ground force units, Brigadier General Kayumarth Pour-Heidari said: “This armed force has its finger on the trigger and is always ready to respond, under the banner of the Guardian Jurist (Iranian Guide Ali Khamenei), to any threat, in any location, and in any way.” size, and as soon as possible.

He added: "The ground force has witnessed a transformation thanks to the sacred regime of the Islamic Republic, and the wise directives of the Commander-in-Chief of the Iranian Armed Forces, Iranian Leader Ali Khamenei, and today it has become a major fighting force and rapid response."

Brigadier General Heydari pointed out that the Al-Qidar maneuvers, which concluded on Saturday evening, “contained exercises within the framework of enhancing the readiness of the Iranian army to respond to sudden threats and remove the enemies who intend to harm the land of this nation from existence within a few moments.”

He stated that "during the Al-Qiddar maneuvers, army aviation helicopters carried out qualitative operations, including transporting and unloading military equipment and equipment, and flying at night using night vision cameras. They also carried out offensive operations during which the identified targets were successfully destroyed," pointing out that in these maneuvers, types of aircraft were used. Drones, reconnaissance, electronic and military attacks, equipped with remote control devices.

The Commander of the Army Ground Force stressed that “the Al-Qadr maneuver sent a message of peace and affection, especially to neighboring countries, and also displayed the power of the Islamic Republic of Iran before the eyes of the enemies.”

Erdogan: Israel will not last 3 days and is nothing but a pawn in the region that will be sacrificed when the time comes

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Israel is nothing but a pawn in the region, which will be sacrificed when the time comes, stressing that Israel would not last 3 days without the West’s support for it.

This came during Erdogan's participation in the "Great Palestine Rally", in which 2.5 million people participated in support of Gaza.

He said, "The real owners of the game in the region are those who support Israel's arrogance and arrogance... because Israel cannot take a step against their will, and if it tried to do so, it would not be able to last three days and will collapse."
He continued, “The West likes to use some people as a tool and a means in its hand, without getting its hands dirty, and sometimes by buying with money... and sometimes by igniting discord between some people and others... and sometimes by covering up crimes, as is the case with Israel. But “Just as no game can last forever, this deceptive and dirty tactic used by the West has now been exposed.”

He said, "What Israel is doing is not self-defense, but despicable massacres. Western officials have become 'deaf and dumb' and do not hear the cries of the dead in Gaza and the appeals of the Secretary-General of the United Nations."

He continued, "Those who shed crocodile tears for the civilians killed in the Ukrainian-Russian war yesterday are silently watching the killing of thousands of innocent children in Gaza today."

He continued, "We remind the peoples and countries of the region that there is strength in unity, and there is error in division.

“Israel’s barbarism targets Gaza’s markets, schools, hospitals, and residential units. There is no home to which one can resort in Gaza, and there is no water, electricity, or food.”

He said, "The determination of the people of Gaza to confront Israel's brutality...what happened in Gaza in terms of the 'spirit of victory' is recorded in history."

He said, "The immoral people tell civilians to leave your residential areas. Where will they go? These immoral people are good at nothing but killing and massacres."

He continued, "I and my people salute the heroism of the people of Gaza and their steadfastness in their land."

He said, "Everyone knows that Israel is nothing but a pawn in the region. It will be sacrificed when the time comes."

In his speech before the huge crowds of demonstrators, Erdogan stressed: “We stand with Gaza and our Palestinian brothers, just as we stood with the previously oppressed.”

He added: "For Turkey and our people, Gaza is dear to us, just as Adana (southern Turkey) is dear to us," stressing that Gaza "and the rest of the Muslim lands were part of the lands of the Ottoman Empire."

The Turkish President pointed out that "the West does not call on Israel for a ceasefire," wondering: "How many children must be killed in order for them to call for a ceasefire."

Video clips showed demonstrators flocking to Ataturk Airport to participate in the “Great Palestine Rally” campaign called for by the Turkish President, who is participating in the gathering alongside a large number of Turkish officials and representatives of various countries, prominent names from the Palestinian community in Turkey, and figures from the worlds of sports, media, art and business. .

Earlier,  the Turkish President said  that the purpose of the gathering is to show “our solidarity with our Palestinian brothers in front of the whole world. We will strengthen our calls and shout that we stand with the Palestinian people against Israeli oppression.”

The presidency of the Justice and Development Party announced that the goal of the gathering was to "draw attention to Israeli brutality and support the cause of free Palestine."
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