Microsoft addresses dozens of software vulnerabilities in Windows with the new update

Microsoft addresses dozens of software vulnerabilities in Windows with the new update

Microsoft announced the launch of a new update for Windows systems, which addressed many software vulnerabilities in those systems.

Microsoft indicated on its official websites that the security update issued last Tuesday addressed 104 software vulnerabilities in Windows systems, including 45 vulnerabilities related to remote code execution, 12 of which it described as serious and can be exploited to penetrate computers.

The update also addressed 26 software problems related to privileges in Windows systems, and 17 vulnerabilities related to “denial of service” problems.

Among the vulnerabilities addressed was a vulnerability bearing the code “CVE-2023-41763” related to privilege systems in Skype for Business applications.

The "CVE-2023-36563" vulnerability, which was described as a security vulnerability in Windows systems and is linked to Microsoft WordPad software, was addressed, as was the CVE-2023-44487 vulnerability.

Apple announces another update for iPhone phones!

Days after the launch of the iOS 17.0.3 update, Apple announced the launch of another update for iPhone phones.
Although Apple did not indicate the features included in the new iOS 16.7.1 update, expectations indicate that the update may have come to improve the security features of iPhones, and Apple also launched it to benefit owners of old phones who were unable to upgrade their phone operating systems to iOS 17 versions.

Apple had also launched the iOS 17.0.3 update a few days ago, and indicated that this update was designed to address the overheating problems experienced by some users of the new iPhone 15 phones.

To download the new one, iPhone users must go to the “Settings” menu on their devices, then the “General” option, then the “Software Update” driver option, and then click on the “Download and Install the Program” option.

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