Moscow: Kiev committed an attack that almost led to a nuclear disaster affecting many countries

Moscow: Kiev committed an attack that almost led to a nuclear disaster affecting many countries

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova denounced the Ukrainian attack with marches on the Kursk nuclear power station in southwestern Russia, and stressed that it was further evidence of the terrorist nature of the Kiev regime.

She wrote on Telegram: “On the evening of October 26, Ukrainian forces attacked the Kursk nuclear power plant with three marches, one of which collided with a nuclear waste dump, destroying its walls, while the other two marches fell on the station’s administrative building complex.”

It stated that the Ukrainian drones used in the attack were made with Western components.

She added: This indicates that there are no restrictions on the criminal Kiev regime, including committing acts of nuclear terrorism, and they could not help but understand that this attack could lead to a nuclear disaster affecting many countries.

She continued: By bombing the Kursk station, the Kiev regime put itself on an equal footing with the most heinous terrorist organizations. Worryingly, this crime could not have been committed without permission, and perhaps on the direct orders of Kiev's Western patrons.

She said: “We call on all governments to condemn the barbaric and dangerous Ukrainian actions that may lead to serious consequences. International, environmental and civil society organizations must develop an appropriate assessment of this terrorist act.”

Ankara issues a clarification regarding “British fighter jets that bombed Gaza and took off from Türkiye”

The Turkish presidential office denied the validity of the reports that “two British warplanes took off from the Turkish Incirlik base affiliated with NATO during the Israeli bombing of the Gaza Strip yesterday, Friday.”

The Anti-Disinformation Center of the Turkish Presidential Office said in a statement: “The claim that spread on social media during the Israeli bombing of the Gaza Strip, stating that two British Typhoon fighters took off from the Incirlik base in Adana towards the Israeli coast,” is incorrect. The location shown on the map has nothing to do with the Incirlik base, and the alleged planes did not fly to Israel or Palestine.”

This denial came after reports of two Typhoon fighters flying in the eastern Mediterranean last night, taking off from the British bases of Agrotor and Dekel in southern Cyprus, and returning to the base after a patrol sortie.
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