Yandex updates its maps, which many people rely on for navigation and location Yandex updates its maps, which many people rely on for navigation and location

Yandex updates its maps, which many people rely on for navigation and location

Yandex updates its maps, which many people rely on for navigation and location

Russian Yandex announced the addition of new features to its electronic maps, which millions of users rely on for navigation and location identification.
Yandex experts pointed out that the new maps in the Yandex Maps and Yandex Navigator services have additional features that help users navigate in places with complex road intersections, and if GPS systems sometimes fail to work.

The updated maps show additional details on the roads, such as road marking lines on both sides, parking places, and places where one can stop in emergency cases. Three-dimensional drawings of buildings along the roads have also been added.

Camera services in maps have also received new features, and now show the user more details about roads and traffic accidents, traffic conditions and congestions, and details about road repairs.

Students in Petersburg develop a "device that generates electricity from sports equipment"

The press office of the Petersburg State University of Aerospace Equipment reported that the new project is based on installing an electricity generator suitable for all sports equipment.
Students from the Petersburg State University of Geospatial Equipment created a model of accessories for sports training equipment and exercise simulators for generating electricity. The university's press office told the Russian "TASS" agency, noting that this innovation will not only help save electricity, but will also be environmentally friendly.

Dmitry Kornilov, one of the project developers, said: “Cardiac training devices equipped with electricity generators already exist today in many countries of the world. But our project allows the installation of a generator on any sports training device, not only for the purpose of expending calories, but also converting them into electricity. The price of this device will be several times lower than its foreign counterparts, and the widespread use of this device in gyms, for example, will reduce the cost of expenses.”

The project developers believe that their new innovation will motivate people to exercise, and will also reduce carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, thus helping to protect the environment. The students are now adapting the equipment to different types of exercise machines and are working to establish connections with the fitness clubs where their project will be implemented.

Apple issues an “urgent security update” and urges iPhone users to install it!

Apple has released an urgent security update called iOS 17.1 that contains several important bug fixes and security updates, as well as improvements to AirDrop, StandBy, and Apple Music.
The iOS 17.1 update was released last night, and is available for iPhone XS and later.

Apple explains: “This update introduces the ability to continue AirDrop transfers over the Internet when they go out of AirDrop range. This release also includes improvements to StandBy and Apple Music, in addition to other features, bug fixes, and security updates for your iPhone.”

Furthermore, the update addresses concerns related to excessive radiation in the iPhone 12, which led to the device being banned in France.

Last month, the tech giant was asked to stop selling the iPhone 12 in France, after tests showed that the model produced radiation levels higher than the European Union's safety threshold.

Apple was also asked to repair existing smartphones by updating or recalling every iPhone 12 sold in the country.

Apple explained: “iOS 17.1 includes an update for the iPhone 12 for users in France to accommodate the specific testing protocol that requires less power when it is on a fixed surface.”

To download iOS 17.1 to your iPhone, simply open the Settings app, then tap General. Click on Software Update, and the iOS 17.1 update should appear on your screen.

Either click “Update Now” to install it right away, or click “Update Tonight” to install it later.
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