Russian Defense: Washington uses African countries as “clinical bases”

Russian Defense: Washington uses African countries as “clinical bases”

The Russian Ministry of Defense revealed that the United States is transferring its unfinished military biological projects in Ukraine, as a result of the Russian military operation there, to African countries, including Nigeria.
This was reported by  the Commander of the Radiological, Chemical and Biological Defense Forces of the Russian Armed Forces, General Igor Kirillov , during a press conference this morning, where he said that the Pentagon, under the guise of “public health,” had solved the problem of collecting samples of infectious agents and their vectors.

The Russian Ministry of Defense had previously stated that the United States was transferring its “Ukrainian” biological military projects to the territories of other countries, and in particular, it chose the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sierra Leone, Cameroon, and Uganda. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, US government clients include the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), the National Security Agency (NSA), and the US State Department.

Kirillov continued: “The US military administration claims that biological projects in Nigeria are aimed at combating HIV/AIDS. However, the effectiveness of this program raises serious questions. Despite the annual increase in funding, which totals about $100 million "The incidence of infection remains almost unchanged, and the numbers are consistent with the values ​​of 2009. The mortality rate among people infected with HIV also shows negative dynamics."

At the same time, the number of Nigerians who received antiviral treatment with Gilead drugs increased steadily during the entire funding period and reached 60% of the total number of patients, while Kirillov noted that these pharmaceutical companies are affiliated with the Pentagon, and tested their drugs on Ukrainians. Therefore, American drugs, the consumption of which in Nigeria is statistically increasing, have no real therapeutic effect, but rather Nigerians are used as a “free clinical base.”

Kirillov continued: “Thus, under the guise of (public health) issues on the African continent, the Pentagon solved its own tasks: monitoring the biological situation, collecting and exporting samples of infectious disease agents and their vectors. This activity continues to this day.”

In August 2022, DTRA concluded a 3-year contract with the American non-profit organization RTI International, for the purpose of “monitoring infectious disease threats in Nigeria.”

“I chanted, ‘Allahu Akbar’ French police shoot a woman in Paris

French police opened fire on a woman who was making "threats" at a train station in Paris, wounding her.

Witnesses reported that the woman was “fully veiled,” chanted “Allahu Akbar,” and “made threats.”

A police source explained that the officers were able to "isolate" the suspect at the François Mitterrand Library station in the capital, and due to her "non-compliance with orders" and "fearing for their safety, they used their weapons."

For its part, the Parisian Public Prosecutor's Office said that the woman threatened to "blow herself up," adding that the police fired a single bullet, seriously wounding her.

The same source added that the police launched two investigations, one related to the woman’s behavior, and the second to determine whether the police’s use of fire was justified.

France raised the alert level to its maximum level as part of the "Vigibert" plan to combat attacks since a young man who took the extremist path killed the teacher, Dominique Bernard, on October 13 in a secondary school in Arras, in the north of the country.

Russian security arrests the coordinator of an assassination attempt on a former Ukrainian MP

Russian Federal Security announced the arrest of a resident of the city of Yalta in the Republic of Crimea. He monitored former Ukrainian parliament member Oleg Tsaryov under the guidance of Kiev intelligence, which recently attempted to assassinate him.

The Federal Security statement said: “The investigation concluded that the coordinator of the assassination attempt on Tsaryov is a 46-year-old Russian citizen residing in Yalta. He carried out Kiev intelligence instructions to monitor Tsaryov, and prepared a cache of weapons in Yalta, which were later used in the assassination attempt. The coordinator of the operation was arrested. He admitted to his cooperation with the Ukrainian agencies in this crime.

The Russian Federal Security also indicated that it continues to search for the perpetrator of the assassination attempt, and those who assisted the Ukrainian security in this.

It is noteworthy that Tsaryov has been undergoing intensive care since his assassination attempt on the 27th of this month.
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