The White House deletes a photo of Biden with American special forces in Israel

The White House deletes a photo of Biden with American special forces in Israel

US President Joe Biden's team posted on social media a photo of the president shaking hands with US special forces deployed in Israel, without covering their faces or other identifying features.
The post, which was deleted from the White House account an hour after it was published, said, "Biden met with American special forces deployed in Israel to thank them for their courage and the work they are doing in response to the Hamas attack."
The original photo showed the faces of four men, all wearing US military uniforms.
They were soon identified as members of the elite Combat Group (CAG), also known as "Delta Force."
In response to a question about whether American special forces are present in Israel, Pentagon spokesman Patrick Ryder said during a press conference on Thursday that the United States is helping its ally with planning and intelligence to free the hostages held by Hamas.
The US President also took a photo with members of the Israeli Special Forces
Biden made a one-day visit to Israel on Wednesday.

Washington announces that it does not have evidence for Tel Aviv’s use of white phosphorus in Lebanon or Gaza
US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said that the United States does not have any evidence that Israel is using banned white phosphorus munitions against people in the Gaza Strip.

On October 13, the human rights organization Human Rights Watch concluded that the Israeli army used white phosphorus bombs, banned under international agreements, during its bombing of areas in Lebanon and the Gaza Strip on October 10 and 11.

For its part, the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs previously announced the use of white phosphorus by Israeli forces .

It is noteworthy that the spokesman for the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Stephane Dujarric, said that he had not received any reports from the United Nations about Israel’s use of munitions containing white phosphorus .

He explained in response to a question about Israel’s use of this banned ammunition: “I do not have any evidence to indicate that this statement is true.”

The Gaza Strip has been subjected to Israeli land, sea and air bombardment since Hamas and other Palestinian factions launched.

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