Washington lists 49 companies, most of them Chinese, for allegedly supporting Russian defense industries

Washington lists 49 companies, most of them Chinese, for allegedly supporting Russian defense industries

The US government announced that it imposed economic sanctions on 49 Chinese companies and other nationalities for allegedly providing Russia with integrated chips of American origin, and thus the companies in question were placed on the blacklist.

The US Department of Commerce's Bureau of Industry and Security reported that the United States has implemented restrictive measures against dozens of companies from Germany, India, China, Turkey, Estonia and other countries under the pretext of supporting the Russian armed forces and/or its military-industrial complex .

The office said in a statement that a total of 49 companies were blacklisted.

The bulk of these companies (42) are located in China, and the pretext is the same, which is that these companies provide the Russian side with “integrated circuit chips of American origin.”

In mid-September, China imposed sanctions on the American companies Lockheed Martin and Northrop Gramman over their roles in arms sales to Taiwan.

China also denounced American plans to provide military aid to Taiwan and warned Washington against this step.

The Biden administration agrees to expand the construction of a border wall with Trump's money

The US administration decided to add a new section to the border wall with Mexico in continuation of a policy adopted by former President Donald Trump, and Biden was quick to justify the decision by saying that “it was not possible to cut” the funding that his predecessor Trump had begun.

The US administration announced Thursday that it will add a new section to the border wall with Mexico, which was a major project during the era of former President Donald Trump, with the aim of stopping illegal immigration.

The announcement immediately sparked mixed reactions, especially since US President Joe Biden had issued an announcement upon assuming power in January 2021, in which he pledged “not to divert more American taxpayer money to build a border wall,” in addition to reviewing all resources used. It has been designated for this purpose.

The US administration stated that the action it took on Thursday does not conflict with Biden's announcement, because the money that was allocated during Trump's term in 2019 must now be spent.

Biden quickly justified the decision, saying that “it was not possible to cut” the funding that his predecessor, Trump, had begun.

"The money was intended for the border wall," he said. "I tried to convince (Republicans in Congress) to divert the money to something else, but they refused. Waiting, this money can only legally be used for what it was allocated. I cannot stop this."

He reiterated that he does not believe that building walls is a solution to the migration crisis.

For his part, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said, in an official text issued by the United States Federal Register that he published on the “X” platform, “There is nothing new in the administration’s policy regarding border walls. From day one, this administration has made clear that the border wall is not the solution".

Mayorkas added, "There is currently a necessary and immediate need to build barriers and roads along the United States borders in order to prevent illegal entry."

The new section of the border wall will be built in the Rio Grande Valley, where "a significant portion of illegal entry" is concentrated on the border with Mexico, according to the US Secretary of Homeland Security.

Trump commented on the US administration's decision by saying that the announcement proves "that I was right when I built a new, beautiful wall 900 kilometers long."

Trump continued in a post on his social media platform, “Truth Social,” “Joe Biden will apologize to me and America after he took so long to take action, and allowed our country to be invaded by 15 million illegal immigrants coming from unknown places.”

In the first official reaction, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador considered the decision a "step backwards."

He added in a press conference, "Allowing the construction of the wall is a step backwards because it does not solve the problem. We have to address the causes of migration."

There were more than 145,000 illegal entry attempts over the ten months until the beginning of August from Mexico to the United States, according to what the US Secretary of Security said.

Illegal immigration represents a growing political problem for Biden, a candidate for a second term, whom Republicans accuse of being lax on this issue.

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