Brazilian President: Israel's position towards Gaza children resembles "terrorism"

Brazilian President: Israel's position towards Gaza children resembles "terrorism"

Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said on Tuesday that Israel's "position toward women and children in Gaza resembles terrorism" in its response to Hamas.

Lula da Silva explained, during his weekly program, “Meeting with the President,” that “Israel’s position toward women and children is similar to terrorism, We cannot say anything else.”

He added: "If I know that there are children somewhere, even if there is a monster, I cannot kill the children because I want to kill the monster."

The Brazilian president toughened his tone toward Israel on Monday, saying its response was "dangerous." He also repeated his statements when he received at night 22 Brazilians and 10 members of their families who were evacuated from Gaza.

He said: "Hamas committed a terrorist act, and did what it did, just as Israel commits many terrorist acts, ignoring the children and women trapped in this war."

He also stated that he fears seeing the conflict turn into an "endless war, It seems that Israel wants to occupy the Gaza Strip and expel the Palestinians from it. This is not right, and it is not fair," calling for the establishment of a Palestinian state.

The war on Gaza has entered its 39th day, as the Israeli bombing of the Strip continues, with clashes continuing on several fronts, in light of a health and humanitarian catastrophe in the Strip. The director of Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza, Muhammad Abu Salamiya, announced that “at least 179 bodies, including the bodies of seven premature babies.” She was buried in a mass grave on the hospital campus.

Human Rights Watch also called for an investigation into the Israeli bombing of Gaza hospitals as war crimes, noting that “Israel has not yet provided any evidence that Hamas is using hospitals for military purposes.”

"Washington Post": Supporting Israel and protecting the border with Mexico may stop US aid to Kiev

The Washington Post reported that Congress has become less interested in funding Kiev than before, and that other security priorities, such as support for Israel and the southern border, may mean the end of US aid to Ukraine.
The newspaper adds that Kiev's allies are now indicating that support and time are running out, and that the desire to continue financing the war against Russia in Congress has reached new lows, and that in light of the security priorities of the United States, including Israel and the South American border, it may end. Support Kiev.

The newspaper pointed out that the growing possibility that Congress will not approve additional aid to Ukraine may have serious geopolitical consequences, undermining one of the main foreign policy goals of US President Joe Biden.

Meanwhile, the Pentagon warned that its allocations for Kiev were becoming “smaller and smaller.”

Earlier, the American newspaper The Daily Beast wrote that Ukrainian forces fear that, due to the West’s weak interest in them due to the conflict in the Middle East, they will be forced to retreat, perhaps even to Lvov.

There are also fears that Ukrainian forces will be forced to ration the use of supplies in the event of a further escalation of the conflict in the Middle East.

US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan stated yesterday, Monday, that the ability of the United States to provide assistance to the Kiev authorities is diminishing day by day because Congress does not allocate additional funds for this purpose.

The US administration sent a request to the Capitol last October, for large additional budget allocations in the US fiscal year in early October 2024, primarily to provide assistance to Ukraine and Israel, as well as to confront China and Russia in Asia and the Pacific region.

In total, the executive branch of the US government, headed by Democrat Biden, wants to obtain about $106 billion for these purposes.

The further fate of the request and alternative bills remains in question, and many Republicans in both the House and Senate of the US Congress have recently stood against continuing to provide financial aid to Kiev.

“Bloomberg”: The Biden-Xi summit may witness an agreement on the deadly “fentanyl.”

Bloomberg reported that the upcoming summit between US President Joe Biden and his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, may result in an agreement to limit the flow of deadly fentanyl into the United States.
Sources told the agency that under the agreement, which is still under preparation, “China will pursue chemical companies to stop the flow of raw materials used to manufacture fentanyl by Mexican gangs,” indicating that in return, “the Biden administration will lift restrictions imposed on the Institute of Forensic Sciences affiliated with the Ministry of Security.” In China,” an entity that the United States accuses of being “responsible for human rights violations.”

Bloomberg reported, citing the Chinese Foreign Ministry, as saying that Beijing is ready to implement anti-drug trafficking measures with the United States on the basis of “equality and mutual respect.”

Biden will meet his Chinese counterpart tomorrow, Wednesday, in San Francisco, on the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit.

According to Bloomberg, the potential agreement, if it occurs, will achieve a “major victory” for Biden, and represents a “victory for the White House” on an issue that voters say is a “priority” for the 2024 elections.

National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said on Monday: “We hope to see some progress on this issue in the next week,” adding: “This may open the door to more cooperation on other issues where we not only manage things, but actually achieve tangible results.” ".
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