Children's Gaza March in Karachi: Indian News Channel's Misleading Use of Independent Urdu Children's Gaza March in Karachi: Indian News Channel's Misleading Use of Independent Urdu

Children's Gaza March in Karachi: Indian News Channel's Misleading Use of Independent Urdu

Children's Gaza March in Karachi: Indian News Channel's Misleading Use of Independent Urdu

India's news channel 'India TV' has used some parts of a video of Independent Urdu 's solidarity march from Gaza in Karachi on November 8 in its false propaganda , ignoring journalistic requirements . 

India TV not only tried to mislead the audience by telling lies, but also used parts of Independent Urdu's video without permission. This report also includes several scenes that have nothing to do with the Independent Urdu video.

In this 'exclusive' report by India TV, baseless allegations were made that Pakistan's 'Jihad Productions' were training children in the style of Hamas.

Meanwhile, the TV channel played footage of the Gaza March in Karachi, in which children were showing solidarity with Gaza in various ways. However, the TV channel tried to give a false impression that the children were receiving combat training.

It was actually a march in solidarity with the children of Jamaat-e-Islami-run Gaza, in which children also participated in large numbers. However, the TV channel claims that 'children of Pakistan have become terrorists of Hamas.'

The video added: 'India has warned Pakistan that it will have to bear the consequences of what it is doing on the border after Diwali. Fedayeen factories have been set up openly in cities like Karachi, in which small children are being turned into terrorists (militants) like Hamas.

Not only this, Indian reporters are heard to say that the children of Pakistan massacred like on October 7.

The report misrepresented the conversation of a school-going child's mother with Independent Urdu.

The said woman was describing raising voice for Israeli atrocities in Palestine as 'part of children's school education', but the TV channel misrepresented it as 'Jihad training' instead of education.

The TV channel blatantly ignored the fact that the children in the footage were saying that Israel is massacring children in Palestine and that they were 'in solidarity' with the children who took part in the demonstration as extremists. They have taken to the streets to demonstrate.

In the report of the TV channel, there was a blatant attempt to portray the girls involved in the protest as extremists and to reinforce this baseless claim, reporter Saleha Feroz Khan was seen as a school-going girl. Asking the reason for attending the rally, she tells about the atrocities on Palestinian children.

Without fear of accountability, the TV channel tried to prove that the exercise involved Pakistan's law enforcement agencies, political leaders, school teachers, administration and even the army.

Although the deployment of police for the security of rallies and demonstrations is common throughout the world.

Correspondent Saleha Feroze Khan said in her response to the report of Indian News Channel that 'It was November 8 and Wednesday when Jamaat-e-Islami organized a children's Gaza March with the slogan 'we are with Gaza children.'

According to Saleha, the purpose of the march was to express regret for the massacre of innocent children in Gaza and express solidarity with the Muslims of Gaza.

Continuing the conversation, he said that not only students but also their parents and teachers participated in the march. Children and all demanded that atrocities on Muslims in Palestine be stopped, but an Indian channel propagandized the march and used footage from Independent Urdu's Facebook Live to show that Hamas training camps had opened in Pakistan.

Saleha expressed regret and said that there are certain rules of journalism but the news channel ran the news of its own accord without understanding the event and without permission, which not only violated the journalistic rules but also revealed how False news is spread.

Independent Urdu's stance is that it takes the use of some parts of its video in this propaganda very seriously and with concern and seeks an explanation and apology from the said TV channel for this irresponsible journalistic behavior, for playing the footage without permission.

Infants were killed in Al-Shifa Hospital and a Norwegian doctor told Biden: Can you hear the screaming?

London : The Israeli occupation army claimed, on Saturday, that it would help evacuate infants from Al-Shifa Hospital , the largest in the Gaza Strip, in an attempt to appear humanitarian before the international community and humanitarian organizations, which have sharpened their statements in condemning the occupation and its violations against civilians. in Gaza.

Earlier, Saturday, medics said that two premature infants were killed in the hospital in Gaza City when the neonatal intensive care unit stopped working due to a power outage.

The Israeli NGO Physicians for Human Rights reported that there was “a real danger to the lives of 37 other premature infants.”

The surgeon at the hospital, Muhammad Obaid, confirmed the death of the two premature infants, adding that an adult patient also died due to the lack of electricity for a respirator.

He said, in an audio recording published by Doctors Without Borders: “We want someone to guarantee that we can evacuate patients because we have about 600 patients.”

Eyewitnesses in the hospital confirmed that continuous gunfire, air strikes, and artillery shelling prevented people from moving even inside the Al-Shifa Medical Complex.

Norwegian doctor Mads Gilbert wrote on the X platform: “39 infants were removed from incubators due to the destruction of the oxygen device and the cutting of electricity. They are now being treated in another department for security reasons, but they are now without the oxygen and thermostat they need.”

The Norwegian doctor sent a message to US President Joe Biden yesterday, Friday, saying: Do you hear me? Can you hear the screaming from Al-Shifa Hospital?”

Part of tunnel under construction in Uttarkashi broken, many laborers feared trapped

A part of the tunnel under construction between Silkyara to Dandalgaon on the Brahmakhal-Yamunotri National Highway in Uttarkashi district suddenly broke in the early hours of Sunday, trapping many workers inside.

New Delhi:A part of an under-construction tunnel broke in Silkyara of Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand. There is a possibility of more than 20 laborers getting trapped in this accident. Relief and rescue operations have been started. According to the information, this accident happened late at night. This tunnel was located on Yamunotri National Highway in Uttarkashi. The work of removing debris is being done by the administration. 
About 150 meter part broken

According to information received from the police, the accident occurred at around 4 am in the morning towards Silkyara when about 150 meter portion of the four and a half kilometer long under-construction tunnel collapsed. As soon as information about the incident was received, Uttarkashi Superintendent of Police Arpan Yaduvanshi immediately reached the spot and took charge of the relief and rescue operations. 

Construction was taking place under the All Weather Road Scheme 

Police, National Disaster Response Force, State Disaster Response Force, fire brigade, emergency 108 and employees of National Highways and Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited (NHIDCL), the organization that is constructing the tunnel, are also busy in opening the tunnel on the spot. With the construction of this all-weather tunnel under the Char Dham Road Project, the journey from Uttarkashi to Yamunotri Dham will be reduced by 26 kilometers.

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