Continuous bombing and genocide in Gaza, harsh conditions as Israel begins evacuating the Shifa complex

Continuous bombing and genocide in Gaza, harsh conditions as Israel begins evacuating the Shifa complex

As the war on Gaza enters its 43rd day, the humanitarianl situation in the Strip is getting worse. The Israeli occupation intensifies its raids on all areas and continues its violent attack and siege of hospitals, leaving thousands martyred and injured.

For the 43rd day in a row, the Israeli aggression continues at a more violent pace against the Gaza Strip, targeting hospitals surrounded by tanks and military armor, especially the Al-Shifa Medical Complex, which turned into the main target of the Israeli occupation army in its ground attack on the Strip, as a medical source reported that the Israeli occupation army gave the doctors a deadline. The sick and displaced on Saturday morning had an hour to evacuate the complex.

The occupation began evacuating the Al-Shifa Medical Complex on Saturday, and the Director General of the Ministry of Health in Gaza, Dr. Munir Al-Bursh, told Al Jazeera that the occupation requested the evacuation of the wounded and injured from the Al-Shifa Complex, confirming that they are now heading towards the south and noting that “the scenes are miserable.”

Al-Bersh said, "Doctors are still in the complex to supervise the process of coordinating the exit of the wounded, and 120 wounded are still inside the Shifa Complex out of 650, while premature babies are still inside the hospital, amid communication with the Red Cross regarding them."

The Director General of the Ministry of Health in Gaza added: “Until now, we have walked two kilometers and the area is completely destroyed. We hear the wounded and we cannot help them, and people are dying.” He continued: "The occupation soldiers were walking around inside the hospital and their snipers were deployed."

For his part, the emergency supervisor at the Shifa Complex told Al Jazeera, “The Israeli army asked those present to leave the hospital, and not everyone was able to leave, indicating that a number of those who were in the hospital left, and others remained, including the wounded and sick.”

He added: "The displaced were asked to head to Al Wahda Street, and many children and adults were unable to continue walking. The condition of the medical staff and the hospital is very difficult, and water and electricity have been cut off for more than a week."

Earlier, the official spokesman for the Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip, Dr. Ashraf Al-Qudra, said in a press statement, on Friday/Saturday night: “For 8 days, no food or water supplies have entered the Al-Shifa Complex. Patients in the Al-Shifa Complex are starving and in pain, and the displaced have no food. Piece of bread".

He added, "Al-Shifa has become completely isolated from the world due to the loss of communications. Patients are starving. The accumulated garbage poses a new threat to those trapped in the Al-Shifa complex."

He added, "We have between 7 and 10 thousand people inside the Al-Shifa Complex, and the food that was allowed to be brought in is only sufficient for 400 people."

He continued: "51 of the patients in Al-Shifa Complex became martyrs, including 4 premature babies, since last Friday. If the situation continues as it is, the number of martyrs will double."

Al-Qudra concluded his statements by saying: “The occupation forces destroyed the infrastructure of the Al-Shifa Complex, the water wells and the oxygen network. 1,500 medical staff, hundreds of patients, and 7,000 displaced people face death in the Al-Shifa Complex.”

For its part, the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement on Friday evening, “The occupation imposes a strict military siege on the Shifa Medical Complex, and deprives the citizens inside of their most basic humanitarian needs of food, water, medicine and fuel, in light of the spread and decomposition of the bodies of martyrs.”

She also pointed out that "the occupation took control of the central pharmacy in the complex, which turned it into a large prison." She stressed that the water and food that “the occupation allowed to enter is only sufficient for dozens of citizens,” stressing that the danger of death confronts the wounded, sick, and children at every moment.

In conjunction with violent artillery shelling in the eastern region of Gaza, Israeli aircraft launched heavy raids in the vicinity of the Indonesian hospital. A medical source said that the bodies of 63 martyrs arrived at the Indonesian hospital in the northern Gaza Strip since dawn on Saturday.

Local sources also told the Palestinian News Agency (Wafa) that “the occupation aircraft bombed Al-Wafa Hospital and Home for Elderly Care in Al-Zahraa City, south of Gaza City, which led to the death of the hospital director, Doctor Medhat Muhaisen, and the injury of a number of doctors.”

There is no safe place in Gaza

In several areas of the Gaza Strip, Israeli artillery launched extensive, intensive air strikes, targeting residential buildings and shelters, resulting in a large number of martyrs and wounded. In Deir al-Balah in the central Gaza Strip, Israeli occupation aircraft raided a residential house, killing 26 Palestinians, most of them children, and wounding dozens.

Also at dawn on Saturday, local sources told the Palestinian News Agency (Wafa), that “occupation aircraft launched several successive raids on apartments in the Hamad Residential City in Khan Yunis, which led to the death of 28 citizens, most of them children, and the injury of dozens.”

Civil defense crews told the media that they "recovered body parts from under the rubble, while a number of victims are still missing." The planes bombed Jabalia camp, north of the Gaza Strip, killing and wounding others.

The Grand Mosque in Al-Maghazi refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip was also targeted, bringing the number of mosques targeted by Israel to 242 mosques in the Strip, according to the Gaza government media office on Friday evening.

In the south of the Gaza Strip, Israeli aircraft targeted a house for the Abu Hilal family in the Al-Geneina neighborhood, east of Rafah, in the south of the Gaza Strip, leading to the death of a number of citizens who were transferred to Al-Najjar Hospital.

Media reported that there were martyrs and wounded in an Israeli raid that targeted a house in the Al-Tuffah neighborhood, east of Gaza City.

"A crisis for all humanity"

While there was no indication of Tel Aviv's intention to cease fire on the besieged Gaza Strip despite international demands, the Director of the World Health Organization considered that what the Strip is witnessing as a result of the Israeli aggression is considered a "crisis for the United Nations and for all of humanity."

He renewed his call to the occupation to stop its aggression against Gaza and called for ensuring unrestricted access to deliver humanitarian aid to civilians.

He said that the United Nations has verified the occurrence of 152 attacks on health facilities in the Gaza Strip, and 170 in the West Bank, warning that the interruption of treatment threatens the lives of more than 2,000 cancer patients, 1,000 kidney disease patients, 50,000 patients with cardiovascular disease, and 60,000 patients. With diabetes.

In turn, the World Food Program announced that the Gaza Strip is facing a widespread famine, noting that the fuel shortage has led to the cessation of bread production in all of the Strip’s 130 bakeries.

The UN program said in a statement on the X platform: “With only 10% of the necessary food supplies entering Gaza” since the Israeli aggression, “the Strip now faces a huge food gap and widespread hunger.”

Yesterday, Friday, Israel claimed, through one of its officials, that it would allow two trucks loaded with fuel per day, at the request of Washington, to help the United Nations meet basic needs, and spoke of plans to increase aid on a larger scale.

The White House said in a post on the

This is not the first time that Israel has announced allowing fuel and aid to enter the Strip, without actually implementing this.

For his part, UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric said: “We are deeply concerned about the new operations of the Israeli army towards southern Gaza and their impact on civilians.” He added: "There is no truly safe place in Gaza, and we repeat our call on Israel, as we did before, to protect civilians in all cases." He stressed that they oppose the forced transfer of Palestinians from Gaza.

Hamas announces the martyrdom of the acting head of the Palestinian Legislative Council, Ahmed Bahr

Gaza: On Saturday, the Hamas movement announced the death of the acting Speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council, Ahmed Bahr, after he was injured as a result of the ongoing Israeli bombing of Gaza.

Hamas said, in a publication reported by the “Palestinian Information Center” today, that it “mourns the national leader and great symbol, the martyr Dr. Ahmed Bahr (Abu Akram), the acting speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council, who rose as a martyr to God Almighty after being injured as a result of the continuous Zionist bombing of Gaza.”

The movement explained that “the crime of bombing and destroying the Legislative Council building in the Gaza Strip requires urgent and effective action to condemn and criminalize it and put pressure to stop the occupation’s aggression.”

On November 13, Israeli soldiers from the Golani unit published a picture of themselves from inside the headquarters of the Legislative Council (Parliament) in Gaza, lining up on the council’s platform and raising the Israeli flag after removing the Palestinian flag.

Israeli officials, including National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir, reposted the photo, and the building was blown up two days later, according to a video posted by Israeli soldiers.
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