Hundreds of martyrs and wounded in two occupation massacres in Al-Fakhoura and Tal Al-Zaatar schools Hundreds of martyrs and wounded in two occupation massacres in Al-Fakhoura and Tal Al-Zaatar schools

Hundreds of martyrs and wounded in two occupation massacres in Al-Fakhoura and Tal Al-Zaatar schools

Hundreds of martyrs and wounded in two occupation massacres in Al-Fakhoura and Tal Al-Zaatar schools

On Saturday, the occupation committed two massacres that resulted in the death of dozens of martyrs, at Al-Fakhoura School , which houses displaced people in the Jabalia camp in the northern Gaza Strip, and at Tal Al-Zaatar School in the town of Beit Lahia.

Tweeters circulated on social media video clips of dozens of bodies of martyrs in the two massacres.

An official in the Hamas Ministry of Health reported that “at least 50” people were killed on Saturday in a dawn bombing that targeted the UN-run Al-Fakhoura School in the Jabalia camp.

Palestinian reports reported that more than 200 displaced people were martyred in the massacre committed by Israeli forces at a school affiliated with the United Nations Relief and Works Organization for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) housing displaced persons.

The Palestinian Press Agency (Safa) and Shehab News Agency said today that “more than 200 martyrs were killed in a hideous massacre committed by the occupation forces at dawn today at Al-Fakhoura School, in Jabalia Camp, which houses displaced people in the northern Gaza Strip.”

The pictures showed bodies lying on the ground, as it was clear that an Israeli bombing targeted them while they were sleeping.

The school itself witnessed a massacre on the fourth of this month, in which a large number of displaced people were martyred.

On Saturday morning, the Israeli army also bombed Tal al-Zaatar School, in the town of Beit Lahia, north of the Gaza Strip, killing 50 displaced people and wounding dozens, according to medical sources.

Commenting on the occupation’s bombing of Al-Fakhoura, the Hamas movement said: “We will not leave this land, and you will be held accountable for your massacre in Al-Fakhoura and your continued crimes against children and civilians, whether long or short.”

She added, “The massacre claimed the lives of dozens of martyrs and wounded, adding to the hundreds of massacres committed by the occupation with premeditation and premeditation, with a green light from the American administration, and with the inability and shameful silence of the international community.”

She continued: “We will remain on this land, and there will be no immigration after today, no matter what massacres and crimes you have done and committed that shame humanity, and the day will come when you will be held accountable, with the power of justice and truth, and you will have no escape from paying the price, whether long or short.”

The Guardian: Israel’s evidence that Al-Shifa Hospital is a Hamas headquarters is not convincing

London : The British newspaper The Guardian confirmed in a report that the footage shown by the Israeli occupation army from inside Al-Shifa Hospital in the Gaza Strip, to prove that the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) is using the hospital as its military headquarters, failed to prove its claim.

It considered that the evidence presented so far was much less than what Israel claimed regarding the hospital. She pointed out that the videos shown by the occupation army showed only modest collections of small arms, most of them assault rifles, allegedly found in the large medical complex.

The report pointed out that the clips shown by the occupation army do not reflect the virtual videos of the hospital map that Tel Aviv presented to the media before its seizure, which depicts a network of well-equipped subterranean rooms, on the basis that it is a center for Hamas’ leadership.

He pointed to the video clips produced by the Israeli army so far that raised questions under scrutiny, and pointed out that an analysis by the BBC, which confirmed that the footage broadcast to an occupation army spokesman showed the discovery of a bag containing a machine gun behind an MRI scanner, and that the Israeli spokesman’s watch , showing that the video was recorded hours before the arrival of the journalists to whom it was supposed to be shown.

BBC analysis confirmed that in the Israeli occupation video clip, which was shown later, the number of rifles in the bag doubled. The Israeli army claimed that the video clip depicting what it found in the hospital was not edited, and that it was filmed in one take, but BBC analysis found that it was subjected to an editing process.

The Guardian stressed in its comment that the attempt to present what was found in the hospital is bound to fuel doubts about everything that is presented later.
The report quoted Mai Al-Sadani, a lawyer and executive director of the Tahrir Institute for Middle East Policy in Washington, as saying that Israel has failed to provide anything even close to the level of evidence required to justify the narrow exception under which hospitals can be targeted under the laws of war.
Al-Sadani added that in the rare case in which protection for civilians is lifted, Israel will have to, in accordance with the exception stipulated in Article 19 of the Fourth Geneva Convention, provide them with a real opportunity to evacuate, and even then, any civilians who remain in the hospital after the evacuation order They will continue to be protected by rules appropriate to the use of force.

The absence of evidence is beginning to remind us of previous US intelligence failures, the most dramatic of which preceded the invasion of Iraq. It is also isolating Washington globally and deepening divisions within it.

The report drew attention to the fact that Britain, Germany, and most importantly the United States, rejected calls for a ceasefire on the grounds that Israel’s actions constitute legitimate self-defense without convincing evidence.
He added that the administration of US President Joe Biden not only defended Israel's operations, but also made independent allegations that allegedly came from its own intelligence regarding the hospital, as John Kirby, national security spokesman in the White House, described the hospital as a Hamas headquarters.
The report brought to mind that the absence of evidence began to remind us of previous US intelligence failures, the most dramatic of which preceded the invasion of Iraq. It also isolates Washington from the world stage, and deepens the already significant divisions within the administration itself. 

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