How OpenAI came up with a way to prevent the 'disastrous threats' of artificial intelligence?

How OpenAI came up with a way to prevent the 'disastrous threats' of artificial intelligence?

The company that made ChatGPT said the goals of the team called 'Preparedness' (of artificial intelligence) include 'tracking, anticipating, and predicting catastrophic threats'.

OpenAI, the creator of popular artificial intelligence platform ChatGPT, has formed a new group to tackle the 'catastrophic threats' of artificial intelligence .

The goals of the 'Preparedness' team include (artificial intelligence) 'tracking, anticipating, and predicting catastrophic threats', the company said.

These threats include the use of artificial intelligence to create influential messages, compromise cyber security, and develop nuclear and other types of weapons.

The team will also work against 'Autonomous Replication and Adaptation (ARA)' which aims to prevent artificial intelligence from gaining the power to be able to copy and replace itself.

OpenAI said in a statement: 'We believe that frontier AI models, whose capabilities will exceed the capabilities of current state-of-the-art models, can benefit humanity as a whole, but pose serious risks. There is a possibility.'

The company added that avoiding these dangerous situations will mean that people will need to build frameworks to predict and then protect against the dangerous capabilities of new artificial intelligence systems, and that the new team will One of the given tasks will be

Meanwhile, OpenAI has also launched a new 'Preparedness Challenge' which will encourage people to think of 'the most unique but potentially catastrophic misuses of the model' e.g. Using this (artificial intelligence) to shut down a power grid.

Those who come up with particularly good suggestions for preventing malicious use of artificial intelligence will be given credits for using OpenAI's tools, and the company proposed that some of these people be included in the company's team. Can also be kept. The team will be led by Alexander Madry, an AI expert at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, OpenAI said.

OpenAI has also announced its team to attend the 'Artificial Intelligence Safety Summit' in the UK next week.

OpenIA was one of the companies that pledged to ensure the safe use of artificial intelligence.

Russia produces new compounds for the microelectronics industry

Russian media reported that Russia is working on projects to manufacture new compounds, which will be used in the manufacture of electronic chips and microelectronics.
According to the CNews website, the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade has launched three new research projects worth 770 million rubles, with the aim of manufacturing composite materials in Russia, to dispense with foreign materials used in the manufacture of electronic chips and microelectronics.

The website indicated that the materials that Russia seeks to develop until 2025 will be used as compounds in integrated electronic circuits in electronic chips, and new lubricants and cleaning materials for microelectronics will also be developed. For this purpose, the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade announced 3 tenders on October 30.

The development of the aforementioned materials comes within the framework of the “Electronic Engineering Development” program established by Russia to dispense with imported materials in the electronics industry, whose plans extend until 2030.

Russia is also currently working on plans to develop many types of processors and electronic products, to completely dispense with imported electronics.
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