Foreign Minister: Indonesia reiterates its support for Palestine

Foreign Minister: Indonesia reiterates its support for Palestine

Jakarta - Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi reiterated Indonesia's full support for Palestine.

"On behalf of the Indonesian Government, we would like to reiterate Indonesia's support for the struggle of the Palestinian people," said Retno in Jakarta, Sunday.
Retno conveyed this at the "Grand Action of the Indonesian People's Alliance to Defend Palestine" which was held at Monas.
The Indonesian people gathered at this event, Retno said, was to show solidarity with humanity.

Meanwhile, the first phase of aid has been sent to Palestine.

"Yesterday the first stage of aid was dispatched and released directly by President Joko Widodo," said Retno.

He added that this assistance was not only from the government but also assistance from all Indonesian people which was distributed through humanitarian agencies.

"Thank you to all the Indonesian people. And further assistance will be prepared," said Retno.
President Joko Widodo, Saturday (4/11), released the first phase of humanitarian aid for the Palestinian people in Gaza from the Halim Perdanakusuma Air Base Ops, Jakarta.
The assistance is in the form of drinking water purifiers, medical equipment, foodstuffs that do not require difficult storage facilities, and medicines.

Ten more Burmese war refugees were arrested in Moray

India Ten more Burmese war refugees were arrested in More, Manipur state on November 2, Burmese war refugees living there told RFA today.

It is said that the ten men were detained in Imphar Jail after being abducted by the Manipur authorities for questioning.

On the morning of November 1, Manipur authorities arrested a total of 41 Burmese war victims, 22 men and 19 women, according to local residents.

Among those 41, children who are not yet of age, Some youths and women were released on November 2, but 11 men were sent to Imphar prison, he said.

Ten more men were arrested on November 2, a Burmese war refugee living in Moray, who did not want to be named for security reasons, told RFA.

“My husband and my son were arrested. On November 2nd, the women and children were still not among them. On November 2, 10 more men were arrested. Three in a family Up to four people were arrested. Mainly arresting Burmese men"

On October 31st, after a police officer was shot and killed while visiting the site of the construction of a helipad in Moray, the suspects were searched and arrested, as well as Burmese refugees.

Another refugee, who did not want to be named for security reasons, told RFA that the Manipur authorities had searched their homes for the rest of the day.

"When we examined the bullet from the sniper rifle that shot the police officer, it was a Chinese-made bullet. The Chinese-made sniper may have come from Myanmar, and the authorities of Manipur said that they have been searching for and arresting Myanmar deserters. We don't dare to go out without doing anything wrong. They are hiding behind closed doors.”

As a result of these arrests, Burmese women and children staged a sit-in near the Assam Rifles camp on November 2, local residents said.

Currently, among the prisons in Manipur state, Refugee aid workers said that more than two hundred Burmese refugees, including women and children, have been imprisoned.
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