Popular recipes for treating cough Popular recipes for treating cough

Popular recipes for treating cough

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Both dry and wet coughs can be treated using popular treatments that have proven effective over many years and have been approved by doctors, without the need to take medications or medical preparations. 

Dr. Pavel Bergansky, a specialist in chest diseases, allergies and immunology, explains the benefits of licorice, acacia (climbing ivy), plantain, and black radish.

Licorice- A decoction of the roots of the licorice tree is a well-known remedy for cough. Because it has a phlegm-reducing effect. In addition, it eliminates infections of the bronchial tubes and upper respiratory tract, and facilitates the exit of phlegm. This drink can be taken in both cases of cough - dry and wet.

Ivy (Climbing Ivy) – The leaves of this plant have a good anti-inflammatory effect. It expands the bronchi and blood vessels. When the bronchi expand, the inflammation disappears and the phlegm comes out easily. Ivy can be used to treat dry cough. By the way, a ready-made preparation is sold in pharmacies.

Plantain - Doctors recommend using plantain decoction for all types of coughs. This plant secretes special substances that perfectly coat the bronchi. It reduces the frequency and severity of dry cough, and removes phlegm easily in the case of wet cough. However, we should know that plantain is not suitable for people who suffer from digestive problems.

Black Radish-  Black radish has remained a popular remedy for wet cough for many years. You must make a hole in the pulp of the black radish to put the natural honey in it and leave it until the next day, when you can drink the sweet and healthy drink formed in this hole.

According to Dr. Pavel Bergansky, black radish contains a group of microelements and active substances. Honey has an anti-inflammatory effect. Combining the anti-inflammatory effect with the expectorant helps expel phlegm easily.

For his part, Dr. Sergey Agapkin points out that black radish contains volatile oils that suppress the activity of microbes. Therefore, it was used before the discovery of antibiotics to treat respiratory diseases.

Discovering a new way to treat leukemia

An international team of scientists has discovered a new way to treat leukemia, using a new class of drugs called imitelstat.

The journal Nature Cancer indicates that during the 20-year study, researchers focused their attention on studying a new class of drugs called Imetelstat, which showed effectiveness in destroying leukemia cells in laboratory conditions. It turns out that the substance causes a new type of programmed cell death that depends on iron - ferroptosis, which was discovered recently. Experts were able to prove this process for the first time in samples of cancerous blood cells.

Imitilistat enters leukemia cells and interacts with two important enzymes that regulate fatty acid metabolism, leading to rupture of cell membranes, and thus the death of cancer cells in the case of acute myeloid leukemia.

New treatment options are especially important for patients who have not responded to conventional treatments. In addition, the drug can be used to treat other types of cancer. Scientists have now begun the second phase of clinical trials on patients with acute myeloid leukemia.

Premature graying may indicate specific diseases

Gray hair appears naturally in old age, but it may also appear early in young people, indicating certain diseases.
Dr. Yulia Sidorkino, an endocrinologist, told Gazeta.Ru: “The appearance of gray hair is a sign of natural aging, because over time the body produces a smaller amount of melanin. As a rule, white hair can begin to appear at the age of 25-30 years. But it can appear in people of Mongoloid and Caucasian ethnicity, before the age of 25 years.”

According to her, premature graying may be caused by diseases, such as a malfunction of the thyroid gland, digestive system diseases, autoimmune diseases, vitamin deficiency, especially vitamin B and vitamin D, and mineral elements: zinc, copper, iron, calcium, pregnancy and breastfeeding, stress and syndrome. Chronic pain (during stress, the body releases the hormones cortisol and adrenaline into the blood, which leads to spasm of blood vessels, disrupting blood circulation and nourishment of hair follicles), and taking some medications that affect the metabolism of vitamins and minerals.

She says: “Premature graying can appear due to unfavorable environmental conditions, such as exposure of the body for long and intense periods to electromagnetic waves or excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays. Working in dangerous institutions or in difficult climatic conditions is also a risk factor. We must know that smoking Drinking alcohol and taking drugs can lead to premature graying. In addition, protein deficiency negatively affects melanin production. This can happen when following strict diets, or when trying to lose weight quickly, or if you follow a vegetarian diet. And also because of sleep problems.”

The doctor points out that the genetic factor is one of the most important factors causing the early appearance of gray hair, as it is very likely that gray hair will appear early in a person if it appeared in the parents at the age of 25-30 years. This is normal.

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