UAE Displaying the largest boat in the world made using 3D printing techniques

UAE Displaying the largest boat in the world made using 3D printing techniques

During the Abu Dhabi Boat Show, the Emirati company Al Seer Marine revealed the largest boat in the world made using 3D printing techniques.
The company indicated that the boat is 11.98 meters long, 4 meters wide and about two meters high, and its main hull was printed within 11 days, and work is currently underway to build more modified boats, the hulls of which will also be made using 3D printing techniques.

The head of the company's 3D printing department, Avin Quadros, said: “Our company has two robots, both of which can use reinforced polymer granules and fiber as raw materials, which are compressed according to the designs we develop. The boat printed with 3D printing techniques takes about a month to assemble and install. It runs on electrical energy.”

He added: "Construction operations take place in two stages. The right and left hull sections of the boat are manufactured separately, then glued together. This takes approximately 11 days. The other operations, such as building the roof and seats, installing the engine, and so on, require about a month of work."

Quadros noted that 3D printing is “the future of boat building.” What distinguishes this technology is the possibility of recycling the material after the end of the life cycle of the boat or the model that was printed and using the same material to build another model, indicating that “Seer Marine” does not print Not only boats, but it can also print tooling tools such as plugs, molds and end parts for boats.

Russia is developing a new generation of unguided missiles

Specialists from the Russian company "Splav" have created a new generation of unguided air missiles.
The 80 mm missile has a highly effective engine. This was reported by a spokesman for the Rostec Corporation, of which the Splav company is a subsidiary. For manufacturing the aforementioned missile, the company won the award for “contribution to the field of design and production of products of special interest.” The Rostec spokesman pointed out that the missile designers were able to find solutions to a number of complex problems by manufacturing ammunition that destroys targets in the air and fortified facilities hidden in forests.

A statement published by the Rostec press service stated that for the first time, the specifications of concrete-piercing and high-explosive munitions were combined in one air missile.

The statement indicated that the missile is superior in terms of its specifications to all its Russian and foreign counterparts. The small-sized rocket engine can form the basis of modern guided and unguided means of destruction.

It is noteworthy that the spokesman for the Russian Institute of Applied Physics had reported, last September, that the Russian НАР С-8КЛ unguided missile would soon receive a long-range cluster warhead, thanks to the development of its engine.

As for Alexander Kochkin, Deputy General Director of the “Tekhmash” company, he reported last May that the production of the modern “Pronybushek” unguided air missile had begun in batches. It is expected that this missile will be used in the special military operation in Ukraine.

Elon Musk announces a major change in the “X” algorithm

Elon Musk announced a major change to the X algorithm to boost promotion of smaller, less popular accounts, after his social media company lost $25 billion in one year.
The CEO of X is changing the algorithm to help young creators. “A major update to the recommendation algorithm will be rolled out over the next few days,” Musk wrote on X. “This will help show small accounts and posts outside of your friends’ network of followers. As always, this will be made open source and subject to continuous improvement.”

The new change is an attempt to show new user accounts that share similar interests, especially users whose posts are not seen often.

The new algorithm tweak fits perfectly with his plan to make X a platform for creators, where young creators get a chance to make a bigger impact.

Musk said he was open to criticism, but many people praised the new decision. One user commented: "Good move. I think some of the biggest criticism I hear is that small accounts aren't as easily discovered as larger accounts. I hope this helps."

Another wrote: "Thank you for helping us with the small accounts."

Musk bought Twitter for $44 billion last October, and the company has lost about $25 billion in value since its acquisition, according to a report from Fortune magazine.

During his short time with the company, Musk laid off 80% of its employees, got rid of the name “Twitter” and adopted the name “X”.
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