UWSA is accepting about 5,000 refugees who are stuck in China UWSA is accepting about 5,000 refugees who are stuck in China

UWSA is accepting about 5,000 refugees who are stuck in China

UWSA is accepting about 5,000 refugees who are stuck in China

People who are fleeing said that the '0' unit (UWSA) started receiving around five thousand refugees from Chin Shwe Ho city in Kokang region to Maine city in China due to the fighting between the three northern groups.

The Chinese authorities had arranged accommodation, but because they did not have enough water and food, they asked to be allowed to enter the UWSA-controlled Nam Ti town from the Chin Shwe Ho border, Ko Sai, who fled himself, told RFA.

"I have reached the '0' side. I have reached a place. On the Chinese side, there are about two thousand left to come to this side. The Chinese side is not comfortable. They moved us and checked our phones to give us news. They all walked to the border because they didn't have enough food. Now some have reached the '0' side."

Those who have not yet been allowed to enter the Burmese side are sheltered at the current border. Ko Sai said that they have to live without a roof.

Ko Sai said that Chin Shwe Hao town is currently under the control of Kokang forces, and the refugees are being allowed to enter in groups.

UWSA's Lashio Liaison Officer Ko Nye Yang also told RFA that they are starting to accept refugees in China.

"About 5,000 military refugees in China have already entered our '0' state since yesterday. Four hundred and five thousand a day are coming in like that.”

There are currently more than 25,000 war-affected refugees in Namtit, and some of them are being sent back to their homes from Kaing Tong and Tan Yang Roads, Ko Nyi Yang said.

Residents said that some residents of Kulong town, where the military is tense, are also fleeing to Nam Ti town.

November 6th, according to the list received until noon today, Kokang region, The Kokang Regional Command, under the Military Council, released a news report saying that 15,000 refugees are being accommodated on the border between Laok Kai and China.

There are currently around 25,000 refugees in Nam Ti. Around 4,000 refugees in Main Tain Township bordering Chin Shwe Ha. Around seven thousand in Lashio; There are around ten thousand in Sinni Township.

Future Cho Stone black Nammatu, nine, Namkham, With the additional number of refugees from Kumlong cities, the number of refugees has reached at least 80,000, according to people helping refugees.

Dr. Susan Yoshihara: "Uyghur women are victims of China's double oppression"

The US government strongly condemned the Chinese embassy's tweets about Uyghur women
A cartoon about the Chinese embassy admitting that Uyghur women are infertile.

The American Women's Council for Peace and Security recently published a research paper on the Chinese Communist Party's dual abuse of Uyghur women.

In this article, according to the testimony of the witness of the camp, Sivaay Ziyaudun, Uyghur women are subjected to systematic rape, forced sterilization, and other inhumane tortures. It is emphasized that the Chinese Communist Party has turned Uyghur women into the "battlefield" of the genocide being perpetrated against Uyghurs.

In this research paper written by Dr. Susan Yoshihara, the founder and president of the American Women's Peace and Security Council, and Peter Tozzi, a researcher of the council, the international legal bodies of the world that Uyghur women are being double victimized by the Chinese Communist Party because of their gender and faith. Not paying enough attention was noted.

The article also highlights the fact that more than 1 million Uyghurs were imprisoned in at least 380 so-called "re-education" camps in the Uyghur region, and that women in these camps were sexually assaulted and sterilized.

Dr. Susan Yoshihara said in an interview with our radio station: "The difference between this abuse is that it targets women and is carried out in three ways. The first is rape. Forced marriage is actually rape. All marriages without consent are considered rape under international law. Rape destroys the fabric of a society, as those who plan to persecute that group know very well. So they use gang rape as a tactic of war. Especially in a religious community, it aims to destroy the dignity of the women of a community. The second is the destruction of families. That is, to break the internal bonds of society. Women, children and men are safe in the family. The foundation of a healthy community is the family. So killing or disposing of women destroys families. This is the same policy that the Communists have been using against other groups for hundreds of years. Also severing the bond between mother and child. Research has proven that children who grow up with their parents are healthier mentally and physically. Families with a strong religious and ethnic identity in East Turkistan are an important place to transmit the identity and culture of the nation to the next generation. Therefore, the Chinese Communist Party cuts the natural bond between the family to make the people believe only in the Party. »

He also emphasized that the Chinese Communist Party used all kinds of chemical drugs on Uyghur women to deprive them of the right to be mothers for life, mentally and physically: "Motherhood is only a gift given to women. Whether a spiritual mother or a physical mother, she transforms women. Since the late 1970s, brutal policies related to family planning have been implemented in East Turkistan. That is, women's rights to motherhood are restricted and deprived. The three points I mentioned above, forced sterilization, the destruction of motherhood, the destruction of the family, the destruction of family ties, and the rape of women destroy the fabric of a society for generations. »

He emphasized that all forms of physical and mental abuse of Uyghur women inside and outside the concentration camps caused "irreparable wounds" and harmed the entire nation.

Peter Tozzi explains why he became involved in this research topic: “The Chinese Communist Party pursued a policy aimed at exterminating an entire society. Uyghur women became the main targets of the Chinese Communist Party's genocidal policy against Uyghurs. That is, by forcing Uyghur women not to give birth and forcing them to marry Chinese, they strictly controlled the Uyghur population. In other words, the Chinese government aims to completely destroy this nation. I was horrified to see reports of the Chinese government sending millions of Uyghurs into camps and re-educating them to destroy their ethnic and religious identity. This is so unfair. It was these tragic circumstances that prompted me to enter these studies. »

At the end of the article, the researchers criticized the US government's normal dealings with regimes like China that violate international norms, despite years of evidence.

At the end, Peter Tozzi said something to the Uyghurs: "I hope you know that your voice is being heard. People are paying attention to China's crackdown on you. We will not stop fighting until you get justice. »

According to the official website of the US Women's Peace and Security Council, the council was founded in 2015 and is a think tank dedicated to promoting the freedom, dignity and equality of women and girls around the world.
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