Why is China buying Uyghur old silver coins at high prices?

Why is China buying Uyghur old silver coins at high prices?

On Downing, a video of a "cat collector" shows that old silver coins used by the Uyghurs are being sold at a very high price in China's auction market.

Recently, one of China's social media, Douin, posted a video about the old silver coins used by the Uighurs being sold at a very high price in China's auction market .

This video is titled "What is the market price of Qing Dynasty Kashgar Xiangping silver coins? If you have these three types of silver coins minted in Xinjiang Province, you should pay attention. Because it may be worth 2 million yuan.

It said that the Chinese auction price of "Xinjiang Star Silver Coin" was 276,000 yuan, "Xinjiang Silver Coin of 1910" was 1.357 million yuan, and "Kashgar Xiangping Silver Coin of Qing Dynasty 1907" was auctioned. The selling price is 552,000 yuan.

According to archeological minerals and written materials, the coins used in Uyghur have been divided according to the political-historical point of view, and the change of regimes has been the standard for dividing the history of money. Dr. Free Ekram, a professor of history at Turkey's Hajetpa University, said that since the ancient Uyghur region was at the center of the Silk Road, various currencies were used in this place since ancient times.

In recent years, it is known that the Chinese authorities have gradually expanded the "reconstruction" movement of Uighur history, archeology, ancient cultural traces, and local craft heritage by changing, destroying, or Chineseizing them. In this case, the video of the silver coins used by the Uighurs in history being sold at a high price in China's auction market attracted the special attention of our colleagues abroad.

After Zumrat Davut, a witness of the camp, posted the video on Facebook on November 14, 43 people have shared it so far.

Among the comments on the video, some commented on the inscriptions on the old coins. Commenting on the inscriptions on the old coins, they said, "On one side of the coin, there is the inscription "Islamic Republic of Eastern Turkestan, (1) Muskok 1352 Sanh ``Islamic Republic of Eastern Turkistan, 1352 AD''. On the second page, there is the inscription ``printed in Kashgar.'' Another person said, "The historical and economic value of the currency of the Islamic Republic of East Turkistan is very low. Judging from the photos and videos, it looks like the Chinese in the photo made a new mold based on the real coin. Mr. Free Ekram explained that the two republics used their own currency.

The vast majority of comments on the video stated that the Chinese authorities are currently trying to destroy all historical evidence of the Uyghurs in order to destroy Uyghur history and culture. Some commentators even warned that the Chinese authorities might use this opportunity to identify and kidnap those who keep and sell old Uyghur coins. In these comments, some said, "The Chinese have lost all the facts about the founding of our country and want to distort history and say that East Turkistan has always belonged to China," "They want to destroy the historical evidence that has survived among the people," "They will destroy history without leaving a trace, and they will seize those who have such coins and destroy them." Oppressive bloodthirsty thugs who want to kill two people in the name of Yukitai," "China has started another conspiracy. I think they will collect the money. Then they catch the person who sold it", "China takes the evidence from the hands of the Uyghurs saying that they will pay, and then they are doing these tricks to change the fact that they are from Kashgar, that the Uyghur was never a country in history or that the Uyghur have always lived with us. "I want to find people and bring them together," he said.

Commenting on these reactions, Mr. Free Ekram argued that the Chinese authorities' attempts to destroy all evidence of Uyghur history and culture through various means are completely delusional.

Mr. Ma Ju, a Tongan analyst who closely observes the situation of the Uyghurs, also expressed his opinion on this matter: "In the past, the Chinese Communist Party tried to use a similar method while exterminating the Manchus. But in the end it failed. In the case of such cultural relics, if it is auctioned at a high price, it will certainly increase its value. Because the Kashgar silver coins produced in Kashgar at that time are the most valuable. Undoubtedly, those in the field of history and cultural relics in China now believe that all the Uyghur resources related to this field are in the process of destruction and destruction. Because of that, those antique silver coins become more valuable. On the other hand, in today's Internet age, everything is being recorded. It is not so easy to destroy the cultural symbols of a nation in this era. So, China cannot realize these dreams. Of course, the Chinese Communist Party plays various games for this. But I'm sure it will all end in failure. "I don't think they're going to succeed."

According to historical data, the recent and contemporary coins used in Uyghur have preserved distinct ethnic characteristics and local styles. He also maintained the characteristic of progressing with the times, and in some ways even led the way in China's monetary development at that time. Mr. Free Ekram said that in such a tense situation where the Chinese authorities are committing genocide against the Uyghurs, it is very important and necessary to carry out a comprehensive and specific study on the old coins, which are one of the important cultural resources of the Uyghur history.

The Vice President reminded the Indonesian Air Force to check all supporting factors before training

The Vice President reminded the Indonesian Air Force to check all supporting factors before training

Jakarta - Vice President Ma'ruf Amin reminded the Indonesian Air Force (AU) to always check all supporting factors before undergoing training.

This was conveyed by the Vice President in response to the crash of two EMB-314 Super Tucano tactical fighter aircraft belonging to the Indonesian Air Force while carrying out formation training on the slopes of Mount Bromo, Pasuruan, East Java, Thursday (16/11).

"You must always check. If there is training, you must be ready. Don't let the plane go wrong or the weather is not good," said the Vice President in a statement in Jakarta, Friday. Based on information provided by the Head of the Indonesian Air Force Information Service (Kadispenau) First Marshal TNI

R Agung Sasongkojati, the accident of two Indonesian Air Force planes is thought to have been caused by bad weather that occurred during the exercise.

Bearing in mind that this is not the first time an accident has occurred during this exercise, the Vice President also emphasized that monitoring the readiness of supporting factors before the exercise should not only be carried out by internal TNI personnel. AU, but also collaborates with other relevant authorities.

"Also monitoring the weather. Often (accidents occur) because the weather is not good. So cooperation with BMKG and other parties (is important)," said the Vice President.

According to the Vice President, maintenance and Rejuvenation of training facilities and infrastructure must continue to be carried out to ensure the readiness of the quality of the equipment to be used.

"All equipment must be re-inspected, re-assessed, whether it is still suitable for use, including aircraft," said the Vice President.

With routine, thorough inspections and involving parties who are experts in their fields, the Vice President hopes that in the future there will be no more accidents during TNI training.
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