Doctor detects errors when measuring blood pressure level Doctor detects errors when measuring blood pressure level

Doctor detects errors when measuring blood pressure level

Doctor detects errors when measuring blood pressure level

Dr. Alexander Myasnikov revealed the mistakes people make who measure their blood pressure, because they use the blood pressure measuring device incorrectly.

According to him, the errors are:
1- The emotional and physical state. The doctor indicates that before measuring the blood pressure level, you must sit quietly for five minutes and think about something good and useful. It is also not recommended to drink green tea and coffee before measuring the blood pressure level, because they affect the result.

2 - Stomach and bladder. Myasnikov advises measuring blood pressure while the bladder is empty, and not after eating, but rather after a while.

3- Appropriate position. Myasnikov points out the necessity of measuring blood pressure in an appropriate position. For example, it is recommended to measure it while the person is sitting quietly in a chair, leaning on his back, and not crossing his legs. Because if the legs are crossed it can cause the blood pressure index to rise by 10 mm Hg column.

According to him, the feet should be on the floor and the arm on which the device is installed should be on a table at a height at heart level.

Processed foods and soft drinks lead to cancer

Excessive intake of foods rich in fats, processed sugars, salty foods and soft drinks leads to weight gain and obesity.

Dr. Marat Zinatulin, a gastroenterologist, points out in an interview with the “Smotrim” platform: Russian, pointed out that excess weight means not only cardiovascular disease and diabetes, but also the risk of developing malignant tumors.

According to him, each type of cancer has a special development mechanism. For example, secreting too much insulin can cause pancreatic cancer, which is a very aggressive type, so a small percentage of those infected with it survive because no symptoms appear in its early stages.

Increased estrogen secretion in obese women increases their risk of breast cancer and uterine cancer due to increased density of the uterine lining. Chronic inflammation in the intestines and fatty liver also stimulate the appearance of malignant tumors.

In addition, due to excess weight, the structure of the gallbladder changes, and stones can form in the bile sac, which leads to chronic cholecystitis and may lead to bile sac cancer.

The doctor advises the need to reconsider the diet followed and modify it when noticing a sudden increase in weight. You should also pay attention to the sleep regime. Because a person begins to overeat when he does not get enough sleep. Therefore, according to him, it is not recommended to follow a strict diet, because restrictions often lead to unfavorable results. It is also necessary to reduce foods that are high in fat, sugar and salt in the diet, especially processed foods, fast food and sugary soft drinks. It is better to exclude foods fried in oil.
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