"Here they go" NATO's actions in Finland arouse anger "Here they go" NATO's actions in Finland arouse anger

"Here they go" NATO's actions in Finland arouse anger

"Here they go" NATO's actions in Finland arouse anger

Iltalehti newspaper had published news about a Christmas congratulatory video posted by NATO on the social networking site His residence is the Arctic, while in Finnish culture the Julupokki live in Lapland on the Korvatunturi hill.

Finnish captain Ako Saarilainen complained on the

Other Finnish commenters criticized NATO for neglecting their culture, with user Fujii writing: "Don't worry. People in North America don't know the location of the Arctic any more than they know the location of Corvatunturi or Finland in the first place."

In turn, Schroderosjan complained, saying: “It is clear that NATO has already begun to steal from us. Let us see what they will take from us next, or what they will ask for.”

Another user commented: “In our time, Yoluboki was not asked for any identification documents to cross.”

The French Minister of Health resigned in protest against the controversial "immigration law"

Rousseau's resignation came against the backdrop of his opposition to the immigration law adopted by Parliament on Tuesday evening, but Ferran stressed in a press briefing after a government meeting that "there is no ministerial rebellion."

On Tuesday, the French Parliament finally approved a controversial draft law on immigration, which Agence France-Presse said “this law has serious political consequences.”

The law aims to speed up asylum procedures, shorten appeal periods, make family reunification more difficult and tighten conditions for medical visas.

In the future, it will also be possible to deport people who were under 13 years old when they arrived in France, as well as even foreign parents whose children hold French citizenship.

Immediately after the draft law was approved, the Socialist Party announced its intention to appeal the text before the Constitutional Council.
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