Microsoft is testing an important new feature for computer users Microsoft is testing an important new feature for computer users

Microsoft is testing an important new feature for computer users

Microsoft is testing an important new feature for computer users

Microsoft announced that it has begun testing a new feature for Windows users on computers.
The company indicated that the new energy saving feature is currently available to users of the beta version of the Windows 11 Canary operating system, version 26002.

She noted that the new feature was created to “improve and expand” the power-saving capabilities of computers, and that it is not intended for laptops only, as in the “battery consumption saving” features, but will work with large desktop computers as well.

Users can control this feature and make it work permanently, or activate automatically if the battery charge level in the computer drops to a certain level, but Microsoft stated that using it will somewhat affect the performance of the devices, so it is not preferable for it to be activated when playing modern video games, for example. Example.

According to Microsoft, this feature helps reduce power consumption when the computer is connected directly to an external power source as well.

The feature can be activated by going to the quick settings menu on the computer, going to the “System” option, then the “Power” option, then the “Power Saving” option. The feature can also be set so that its activation stops automatically when the computer’s battery charge is full to a certain extent.

The WhatsApp application provides a “secret code” to make your most sensitive conversations completely hidden from hackers

Your top-secret conversations can now become completely invisible with the latest big privacy change in WhatsApp.
The famous messaging application introduced a completely new tool that hides chats that you do not want anyone to know about by hiding them completely behind a secret code.

Unveiled earlier this year, the Chat Lock feature is designed to help users keep their “most intimate conversations” safe from prying eyes by password-protecting them and saving them in a separate folder.

In addition, notifications from locked chats cannot appear at inopportune moments, such as when you pass the phone to a friend to look at some photos.

The feature relies on the existing chat lock, which already allows people to put a password on specific conversations, but it appears clearly in the chat list, which makes it intriguing, but now you can avoid suspicion by acting as if such sensitive texts do not exist.

Locked chats will be hidden from view completely until users enter their secret code in the search bar, which will reveal all the conversations that you do not want others to intrude into.

This “Secret Code” allows you to completely hide selected chats from the list on WhatsApp, so that neither you nor anyone else can see them.

Better yet, the code can be completely different from the one you use to unlock your phone, so no one who knows your iPhone or Android PIN can snoop into your secret WhatsApp conversations.

Once you set up your PIN, there will be no private area to enter it. You should type it in the top search bar, and only then will the conversations you wish to keep private become visible again.

How to hide conversations in WhatsApp

If you want to hide a conversation using the new secret code feature you'll need to make sure your app is updated first.

So make sure to go to the App Store or Google Play Store, check the WhatsApp page and see if there is an update available or not.

The feature may not be available to everyone right away, so you will need to be a little patient if you notice that it is still not available.

Once available, all you have to do is long press on the chat you wish to lock, instead of visiting the chat settings.
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